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Nichelle Jones
Great video. I need to shop at CVS more often
Comment from : Nichelle Jones

Games All Day IS Life and the secret
I went to target on black Friday and got amazing deals.merry Christmas to you and your family.id love to be entered.thanks
Comment from : Games All Day IS Life and the secret

On Christmas Day I look forward to celebrating and having dinner with a family that has adopted me as a family member. I enjoy their company and enjoy the kids bonding and having fun with each other.
Comment from : MARY WARREN

Lisa Money
💋 great deal on the "Nyx" lipsticks and the "Wet&Wild" make-up kit's! Lisa 💙
Comment from : Lisa Money

Amanda Gorske
Ok guys serious question, anyone else app only coupons disappear? I've only had app for a few months but now when I log in under my card and also under my moms card our app only coupons are GONE, they no longer print at the bottom of my crt fromthe Redbox either, they're just gone, the only reason I even downloaded the app to begin with
Comment from : Amanda Gorske

Karel Ganzini
Great haul, Mel! I'm so glad you were able to find so many toys to bless little boys in need next Christmas! God bless!
Comment from : Karel Ganzini

Ashley Marie
Love love these deals!!! I just hate that I only have one low level CVS in my town, which doesn’t carry the brand NYX or any of the holiday sets!! I still received other amazing deals, so I guess it works out!!! Amazing haul!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Ashley Marie

Dawn Perez
Hi Mel! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Great haul! Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed evening!
Comment from : Dawn Perez

JENPAL YSANG -Thrifty Fashionista
This is very awesome deal
Comment from : JENPAL YSANG -Thrifty Fashionista

Jamie Thornton
I'm a new subscriber and boy am I glad I found your channel.I just started 4 months again and I love CVS.❤What an amazing haul.Would love to be entered into your giveaway And thank you for taking the time to do this for all the couponer out there .God bless
Comment from : Jamie Thornton

Kim Cunningham
Happy Thanksgiving to you and you're family. What an amazing CVS haul you've done. I'm so proud of you! Mr. Coupon and I both ❤ Gevalia coffee. That's a great gift idea of for him 🙂 please enter me in the giveaway. Good luck to everyone who enters. I love the glam kits. Have a blessed day 💙
Love ❤,

Comment from : Kim Cunningham

Erika Diaz
Your an amazing a wonderful woman God Bless you i wish to enter on the contest once again God bless you
Comment from : Erika Diaz

Houston Huslte
Wow great haul!!! Gonna get a glam kit for sure!! ☺️
Comment from : Houston Huslte

Damaris Colon
Great deals! Good start up for your toy drive next year, that's so amazing.
Comment from : Damaris Colon

Kween Ke84
Amazing deals!!!
Comment from : Kween Ke84

CaveIt Crafting by Karina
Good stuff like the Macbeth bag 👍🏻
Comment from : CaveIt Crafting by Karina

Ladiijae Wright
I got alot of great free stuff today as well. CVS is awesome. But you, you are amazing!
Comment from : Ladiijae Wright

Jennifer Ford
Mt CVS is something else! They didn't even know about the Black Friday because the store manager said that I would probably want to go out of town to the Muncie store because it's a bigger store because it would have the black Friday deals and or products. So frustrating because I wanted to get some of those wet n wild kits for my daughter who is 21 because I'm having a hard time with Christmas this year because of financial reasons. My husband works construction so in the winter time it is very tough for us! That's not the only issue I've had with my CVS but I don't want to rant. I want to stay positive! I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!🦃🦃
Comment from : Jennifer Ford

Khalima Jacobs
I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. Seems Daisy was excited about the CVS haul too!
Comment from : Khalima Jacobs

Carrieann Holmgren
I am so sad............ I can not go to CVS any more it is to far. That is my fav store.......... I NEED to move lol
Comment from : Carrieann Holmgren

Sarah H
Tfs. Is your into blackbird? Or just similar sounding. Love that song btw☺
Comment from : Sarah H

baby girl
Happy Thanksgiving wow amazing savings at cvs black Friday sale some of the items I was looking for didn't have them in the location I was at but I did do some deals this was my first year but I'm thankful I wanted that glamergency kit but it ok thank for sharing 😀❤
Comment from : baby girl

Lisa Nicholson
Happy Thanksgiving Ms Mel.
U are amazing ...I just about fell to the floor watching this video!! I wish I could pull it off unfortunately I only have $10 ECB to my name. I'm trying to keep a positive mind set these days,but its hard..
Enough of that...Blessings to everyone 🦃🙏

Comment from : Lisa Nicholson

Jenice Pye
Great haul. I think I have a coupon for the Glam kit. Either way, I’m going to get it.
Comment from : Jenice Pye

Paula H
Happy Thanksgiving Mel and family. I hope you are enjoying your day.
Comment from : Paula H

Great job!
Comment from : GreatestXchange

Faye F
Great haul! Happy Thanksgiving!
Comment from : Faye F

Sway to the 99
Mr. Coupon and I are coffee twins I love Gevalia too
Comment from : Sway to the 99

Sway to the 99
Mel please save me some of the McDonald’s kcups I LOVE those
Comment from : Sway to the 99

Sway to the 99
Stoping by to show support 😀
Comment from : Sway to the 99

Kandy Dewey
I was in such bad shape this morning. (Have lupus and RA)because I spent all week shopping then all day yesterday baking stayed up all night preparing then went to CVS and my crazy self forgot to use coupons that I brought with. 🤦
Comment from : Kandy Dewey

Crazy Deals and Steals
Great job! Your voice is so soothing to me by the way lol i had major issues with CRT's and digital manufacturer coupons coming off today at cvs.....my 3/12 shave crt, 2/8 paper products, 2/10 charmin, and toothpaste digital coupons would not attach to my transactions....now i gotta wait on hold with customer care for 2 hours to get my money back lol
Comment from : Crazy Deals and Steals

Jahi 2u
Hello😀...Happy Thanksgiving to you & your Family. God Bless Always❗🙏😇

Comment from : Jahi 2u

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
Comment from : MsLy

Ali P
I knew that I should have flown out there to shop with you. You've already put such a big dent in your shopping for this year and next year, but the way my day has gone-it while have been better spent as far away from Michigan and I could get without a passport!! Those little bags you got that are stuffed with everything would be a great coworker gift if you work in an office! I used to keep a shoebox sized Rubbermaid container in my desk full of things like that and everyone knew it so when they needed something they came to my desk. And that was back before Dollar stores were everywhere. I even kept a can of men's and women's spray deoderant in my drawer, for those that forgot to put it on. People usually pitched in when the box was running low, but it was up to me to do the shopping. 🙄. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving spending time with your family!! 💜
Comment from : Ali P

Lisette Morales
Wow great deals
Comment from : Lisette Morales

Dennise Curry
I would love to enter for the gift card! I went to black Friday sale was a little upset didn't have all the stuff that I was wanting! Happy Thanksgiving! To u and your and family hope it it turned out nice!
Comment from : Dennise Curry

crist SD
The cvs liners we have a $1 app only coupon so it's free and 1$mm
Comment from : crist SD

Nally A
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mel!
Comment from : Nally A

SaVvy SaVeR DiVa Jackson
Great Haul
Comment from : SaVvy SaVeR DiVa Jackson

Ophelia Harrison
Great deals, I will try some on Saturday
Comment from : Ophelia Harrison

Jenn Galindo
I just wanted to tell u I think u r AMAZING and I never worry about anything going wrong with ur deals . Nothing crazy or shady about any of ur deals....love that
Comment from : Jenn Galindo

Jonathan Ruiz
Happy Thanksgiving To You & Your Family. May You Start This New Season With Your Best Foot Foward. Also Have A Fruitful, Authentic And Radiant Holiday Season.

XoxoX Jonathan

Comment from : Jonathan Ruiz

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