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Tayh English
I've been studied American English, but I love British English too.
Comment from : Tayh English

Dani Danara
Pronouncing in British way, but with american accent. Does it make sense?
Comment from : Dani Danara

Vaiebhav Patil
English is english none of ur British or American English 😛
Comment from : Vaiebhav Patil

Aimee Grober
I most certainly don't say "Cenner" or "Innernet" or "Innerview"
I also say "Root" (route)

I feel like there are far too many dialects to say what is correct or incorrect.

Comment from : Aimee Grober

Alina 222
Amazing video! Thank you
Comment from : Alina 222

Wady Wady Nady
American is much easie 🤣 than British English .
Comment from : Wady Wady Nady

Excellent Video. 👍🏻 Greetz from a beginner in Switzerland 🇨🇭
Comment from : SinusPrimus

Harmony Star
In short: Americans, we have a lazy tongue.
Comment from : Harmony Star

The Ritual Kings
Jose is the hardest word for American English speakers to say. From my experience.I can literally say it correctly with no accent as English is my first language. And everyone will says it wrong. So American accent may be based on laziness.
Comment from : The Ritual Kings

Aram Beko
Originally English is difficult
Comment from : Aram Beko

Aram Beko
american: small eyes
british: big eyes

Comment from : Aram Beko

Артур Файзрахманов
Why you say letter 'r' will be dropped (in British English) only in monosyllabic words after vowel? What about furniture for example? Shouldn't it be pronounced with first 'r' dropped too? What about other multi-syllabic words with non repetitive letter 'r' after vowel followed by other consonant?
Comment from : Артур Файзрахманов

Марина Китаина
It's very difficult for me! ( I am Russian )
Comment from : Марина Китаина

I prefer British pronunciation.
Comment from : Д А Н И К

Reeta Buana
After watching this vidio I just realized that I use the American accent more often.. 😁
Comment from : Reeta Buana

Manu 05 Lannister
I’m Italian and I use more the British English
Comment from : Manu 05 Lannister

rob b
would help if they had someone who is actually British to pronounce this properly
Comment from : rob b

I’m literally English like I’m from London I don’t know why I’m watching this
Comment from : stargirlyeri

Bot Rip
Soo, yes. I'm an Ameritish.
Comment from : Bot Rip

Game Tech 07
Comment from : Game Tech 07

Bobby Ernst
america gets to say it how they want bc they won the war
Comment from : Bobby Ernst

Yesss any other Brits?
Comment from : Poskana

The British English is better
Comment from : ManCity255

Anjali Baruah
I really enjoyed it thanks ❤
Comment from : Anjali Baruah

Pravesh Chauhan
Tunkal Tunkal lital sataar how are wondar wat you are
Comment from : Pravesh Chauhan

Bablu free
Hey I am from India...plz once try to communicate in hindi as well
Comment from : Bablu free

om deshpande
Indian people find british english very easy because of past british dominance
Comment from : om deshpande

Fatima Almay
How do pronounce 'conscious'and 'conscience'
Comment from : Fatima Almay

Jiří Valenta
Love you
Comment from : Jiří Valenta

Marina Purple
Oh, c'm on! You have a minor accent of yours! Not native-speaker accent! Arabic or smth
Comment from : Marina Purple

Good Accent~!
Comment from : THE COIN MAN

What's your name?
All the ones who are learning English mix up those accents 😂 I mix them up too, but it always depends e.g. when I say can't or better (cæn t / bedder)
Comment from : What's your name?

Ahmed Ali
Hy ma'm.
Comment from : Ahmed Ali

the links arent working for me. idk maybe check that.
Comment from : UNQ0MM0N

Liubov RussOzzie Chekhunova
What about vitamins! Brits say vEeeetamins when americans say vYtimins almost shouting YY in the word 😂
Comment from : Liubov RussOzzie Chekhunova

Hammad Mahmood
Lid and cap
Comment from : Hammad Mahmood

Lego Java Production
I'm British but dam, the British lady is not helping the dental stereotype.
Comment from : Lego Java Production

After struggling to learn English when u know u also have to Focus on this shit
Comment from : yash

John Pereira
With all due respect some of your statements about British English are not quite correct. I do not know how to type in phonetic alphabet symbols so my comment/s cannot be made as clear as I would like, for which I apologise.

For example the two pronounciations you give for "either" are both correct in British English. So are the two you give for "garage". If the Americans stickle for the one or the other that is another matter and one on which I do not comment.

You refer to the letter "r" as being "dropped" in certain words in British English but saying this without further explanation is not quite correct. The vagaries of English language spelling make it hard to make generalisations not subject to exceptions but for at least some of the illustrations you give it's not quite correct. Very commonly the written letter "r" is not "dropped" at all. It does not denote a consonental sound but is there to perform a different function viz: to modify the preceding vowel. This is almost always the LENGTH of the vowel (and can be the tamber also: consider "barn" and "ban"). In good diction long and short vowels are well distinguished in good British diction. I was interested to observe that in even in your own phonetic transcriptions the symbol for distinguishing a long vowel from a short one is faithfully reproduced though you don't mention it to explain its significance in your words. Again, I cannot comment on American English. I have been told that long and short vowels are less differentiated by the Americans but that is as it may be.

I don’t know how Americans treat the written “h” in words like “where”, “when”, “which”. In British english - except in very sloppy or, at least, VERY casual speech - these are NOT said the same as “wear”, “wen”, “witch” which are quite different words with quite different meanings. Perhaps the commonest sloppiness is “wot” for “what” - and it’s often purposely written that way for humorous effect in portraying someone characterised by extreme sloppiness of speech or lack of education. But maybe it's all right in American English.

Comment from : John Pereira

Great video! Well done!
Comment from : raquelbrz

HeyRahman Channel
I'm Malaysian and I use both.
Comment from : HeyRahman Channel

Aderesky Amalia
Thank you so much I'm student English Literature. Btw, you're cool
Comment from : Aderesky Amalia

I'm meant to say ADVURTISMENT!? I've always pronouces it the American way!
Comment from : Ewrecked

Kanal Yoed
I'm Indonesian, every Indonesian has been familier with American English pronounciation because we all see the movie from US.
Comment from : Kanal Yoed

Antonietta Vuoso
Sei inglese come io sono leghista
Comment from : Antonietta Vuoso

Christian Alexander Gutierrez
She's saying, "Brochure".. but all I hear is her saying, "Bro sure" to me 😂
Comment from : Christian Alexander Gutierrez

Surbhi Jha
It's ridiculous that in India we speak British English but whenever I spoke director die-rector I was thrashed by my English teacher. I guess Indian teachers need to upgrade their knowledge.
Comment from : Surbhi Jha

Rmadi Youssef
Thanks for the video, but the background music in the video is sometimes a nuisance
Comment from : Rmadi Youssef

Снусмумрик Лазурный
Thank you so much for russian subtitle!
Comment from : Снусмумрик Лазурный

Ticking Bomb
I was once told long ago that I have kind of a British "accent" at times. This even though I've never been to Britain nor lived amongst British ppl -- though I do watch a lot of British movies and tv series. Guess now I see why after watching this cool video. I'd say I have a natural 60/ 40 mix of both American/ British accents but I honestly hear myself mostly American coz it's the way I've always spoken. Perhaps speaking two other languages fluently have something to do with that.
Comment from : Ticking Bomb

Günter Kloburst
You are very not beautiful and bad, shitty, stinky...... i am turkie
Comment from : Günter Kloburst

messlob 143__
I guess we Indians speak in both the accents
Comment from : messlob 143__

Thank you, i can now differentiate American English from British English through their pronunciation .
Comment from : JOHN NWAMAKA

I am from india... And my English accent somewhat match with British accent!!
Comment from : KUNAL PALTANI

sathees kumar Darbar
This British accent pronouncer lady is so much look a like British version of my English teacher🤩.... Her teeth😁👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Comment from : sathees kumar Darbar

Against the devil
American english very interesting👍🏻👍🏻
Comment from : Against the devil

petta worldmeace
This Punjab wants to sound british
Comment from : petta worldmeace

Fahad Fahd
Comment from : Fahad Fahd

Hi . Is there a comprehensive audio book that combines the differences between the American accent and the British
Comment from : عبدالله

Nirmal Manocha
British English has a better accent so it's understandable for indians
Comment from : Nirmal Manocha

Anascott Welding
Basically the american tongue has become lazy and that is why their slang is so strong. British english is still proper and they put the effort into their pronouncing and it sound lovely. As society becomes more lazy the english language is sadly changing for the worse. Especially with all the online short hand words now ramped over social media.
Comment from : Anascott Welding

Bob Barker
Southern English has a lot more British English pronunciations in it. We say enquirer instead of inquire.
Comment from : Bob Barker

Just D
Now I realised that I learnt UK english but pronounce it in US english
I'm doomed

Comment from : Just D

Daniel Morley
Bitch u ugly
Comment from : Daniel Morley

Drive the Hustle
So in other worlds American English tends to pronounce most words properly. Also I make the T sound. Just depends on where you grew up and the form of education you received.
Comment from : Drive the Hustle

California Institute Teacher Issa
I wanna learn Amarican ACCENT
Comment from : California Institute Teacher Issa

Kim Moro
I'm American English
Comment from : Kim Moro

Isi Grisa
Excellent!!! We want much more!!!! Thanks!!!
Comment from : Isi Grisa

Filipe Matias
The british english lady doesn't have a good british pronunciation besides displaying an evident accent foreign to Great Britain!
Comment from : Filipe Matias

You forgot philosopher(UK) and/to sorcerer (US)
Comment from : cinderslow

taka 81
I found out that my accent was mixed even though I lived in the U.S ....
Comment from : taka 81

Haidy Mohamed
Am I the only one who pronounce both of them? A little mix can be a little bit cute and unique I think 😂🙄
Comment from : Haidy Mohamed

AlisaCs_ 48
She look like the sims mobile :v
No offenses

Comment from : AlisaCs_ 48

Raunaq Jahan
U guys r amazing it really helped me thanks
Comment from : Raunaq Jahan

Ampel Freund
so big differents I didt know that! great video!
Comment from : Ampel Freund

Julieta Dupain-Cheng
I'm peruvian , and i learnt British english , the pronunciation it´s beautiful .
Comment from : Julieta Dupain-Cheng

96 Med
anyone would like to evoluate his english via communication we can speak with each other leave ur skype or whatssap accounts almost forgot thans to our teachers
Comment from : 96 Med

Hannah Alexandra
I seriously love this video. It’s so interesting to be able to pinpoint the differences in accents within the same language. Thank you so much! I am subscribed and sure to watch many more of your videos! 🏆
Comment from : Hannah Alexandra

E u g e n i e
I am physically and mentally confused 😐
Comment from : E u g e n i e

Osvaldo Fuentes
good but I can't understand Jamaicans, I know it's a different case but can anybody help me? :0
Comment from : Osvaldo Fuentes

「Miraculous 101」
You guys look so weird 👀
Comment from : 「Miraculous 101」

Shaiel Almaguer
Que aburrido 🙄😒😒😒😒😏
Comment from : Shaiel Almaguer

Shaiel Almaguer
Comment from : Shaiel Almaguer

JJJUAN El crack
Comment from : JJJUAN El crack

EK Lim
Londoner's "a bottle of wa'er". t is dropped.
Comment from : EK Lim

abdulhamid ramathan
Uk accent is better and easier
Comment from : abdulhamid ramathan

Maureen m
Yeah the Americans like to get away from proper English and eventually will have their own language.
Comment from : Maureen m

crispy tissue
american accent wasnt challenging for me now im learning british accent
Comment from : crispy tissue

The most unpronounceable word in the English language: "world".
Comment from : hcm9999

Sharp Wave
Comment from : Sharp Wave

American english is very good on hearing and speaking it just like me 😋😋

American english is easier for Latin americans
Comment from : EsterBrigitte

Noha Al-Nahdi
I wish if you both being in the same screen and each one pronounce her word, it would less confusing.
Comment from : Noha Al-Nahdi

Drawing with Callie
How do ya'll pronounce "Gala Apples". My boyfriend pronounces it GAY-la. I pronounce it like Gah-luh
Comment from : Drawing with Callie

Rupo Islam
as an Indian whose language is best ??
Comment from : Rupo Islam

kasma wati
I am from Indonesia... and i use the both...
Comment from : kasma wati

Amisha 123456 Shirvoikar
I think British suits me better but ..I tend to use both of them
Comment from : Amisha 123456 Shirvoikar

Roadman George Pig
She does sound like Siri
Comment from : Roadman George Pig

Abbas KpK MKD
Then how we will pronounce (sentance) senence
Comment from : Abbas KpK MKD

Buddala Naga Sathibabu
I from India madam ,which one is better for me madam?
Comment from : Buddala Naga Sathibabu

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