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brittney noriega
for a dollar tree they product is still faced very nicely compared to the grocery store I work at
Comment from : brittney noriega

Honey Letters
If this aint me in 14 years ima throw hands with myself
Comment from : Honey Letters

Mia Godinez
I love your videos and your funny ass comments makes me laugh so much !!you’re such a belle !!!
Comment from : Mia Godinez

Mia Godinez
I love your videos and your funny ass comments makes me laugh so much !!you’re such a belle !!!
Comment from : Mia Godinez

For a second I was thinking you worked there lol
Comment from : INDIGO T.V.

Parasylum Magic
Employee of the month award gos to ocd lady who dont work there....😁💖
Comment from : Parasylum Magic

is the roller ball style deodorant not as common in the US? 🤔 interesting.
Comment from : a.

Loli Kinq
Her voice is so calming ngl
Comment from : Loli Kinq

Doug&Sandra Johnson
I found my new favorite ASMR lady!
Comment from : Doug&Sandra Johnson

The funniest part is that your not trying to be funny but I’m over here and can hardly breathe. “I’d imagine that’s what lighter fluid would taste like” 😂
Comment from : WhodidTHAT

Olivia _ Pie
Why tf am I watching this?
Comment from : Olivia _ Pie

Ivylisse Santiago
I work at dollar tree 😂 we could definitely use you
Comment from : Ivylisse Santiago

Malic Noris
5:10 I TOTALLY REMEMBER THOSE!!!! Those were the only deodorants we were allowed to use when I was a freshman in high school and had to go to the mental hospital.... good times, good times.
Comment from : Malic Noris

Ellie Ks
That is the most well stocked dollar tree I ever seen. The dollar trees in nyc I go to are dumpster fires. Shelves always empty and trolleys of cardboard garbage in the aisles.
Comment from : Ellie Ks

Alex Harvey
Who else gets in a store then instantly hafta go to the bathroom when they dont let you use the bathroom Just me ok
Comment from : Alex Harvey

Potatoman44 44
I have a feeling she has ocd
Comment from : Potatoman44 44

Addissun Rice
You won a subscriber I don’t know why I spent forever watching your videos but, they fulfill my ocd so thank you..
Comment from : Addissun Rice

When she said that she didn’t like listerene... exisits the video
Comment from : KelsChnl

Next video: "managing a dollar tree store asmr"
Comment from : VVOUX

Lee Brown
Just FYI, it's possible the lady with the 8 bags of moth balls was trying to get rid of raccoons or squirrels in her walls. When the moth balls are blown into the spaces between the inner & outer walls, they're a pretty effective deterrent.
Comment from : Lee Brown

Really Emma
Is this intentional asmr?
Comment from : Really Emma

Jonathan Perez
They need to clock her in
Comment from : Jonathan Perez

Jon Honesty
They should pay you to come into different stores to face each aisle. I have ocd. I can understand. My house, car, etc..has to be very clean.
Comment from : Jon Honesty

Gibbi YT
This is the dollar tree in Benicia
Comment from : Gibbi YT

Teagen Sutton
You should get paid for this stuff bruh
Comment from : Teagen Sutton

Kaylin Koontz
Why is it that like 2 minutes into this video I came to the comments and medianly started cracking up
Comment from : Kaylin Koontz

Danica Naylor
I love these please do more
Comment from : Danica Naylor

Estere Mellene
Is this asmr
Comment from : Estere Mellene

this has to be one of the funniest asmrs I've ever watched
Comment from : AnimeAlina

ᄂ마ura_ Serenity
Omg I never get tingle shut you made me get so many...
Comment from : ᄂ마ura_ Serenity

Patricia thomas
I love when she says flavored instead of scented 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Patricia thomas

"that one smells like avalanche, thats devastating" and the story after that comment was glorious 🤣
Comment from : gggs

Cecilia Flores
This is my lullaby
Comment from : Cecilia Flores

Slightly Ghosted
She high.
Comment from : Slightly Ghosted

Here for the soft spoken sass 😂👏🙌
Comment from : Leslie

Elizabeth Epperson
at first i thought she worked there but i was wrong. i do this sometimes but just bc i’m bored in the store lmao
Comment from : Elizabeth Epperson

Lia Flandro
i swear she sounds just like Amy Duncan from good luck Charlie

also it’s been exactly a year today since this video was made fun

Comment from : Lia Flandro

Emna the area 51 guard
I like you accent
Comment from : Emna the area 51 guard

Precious Gamble
Her voice is so gentle 💛
Comment from : Precious Gamble

Gracie Kinney
I literally fell asleep to her voice
Comment from : Gracie Kinney

Chanda Dobra
Why am i watching a Dollar Tree aisle organization video 2 hours before i have to go to Dollar Tree for night shift and organize the aisles all night....
Comment from : Chanda Dobra

alex lawless
uno whats mental im from the Uk and most deodorants are roller ball, The stick ones arnt very common. Just made me laugh when she said about them.
Comment from : alex lawless

Kendra Luz Rascon
too loud
Comment from : Kendra Luz Rascon

i don't know who you are, but as a retail worker i already love you
Comment from : ManuASMR

i don't know who you are, but as a retail worker i already love you
Comment from : ManuASMR

Vanessa Uka
1:17 😂😂😂
Comment from : Vanessa Uka

david godfrey
Wow, it's Luanne from King of the Hill and she works at Dollar Tree!!
Comment from : david godfrey

CoaCoa Channel
Aveeno *oatmeal lotion lol
Comment from : CoaCoa Channel

namu pokemanchan
"Don't worry, it's okay, everything is alright" I love you
Comment from : namu pokemanchan

we all need more humans like this.
Comment from : Sadly

Nicole Perez
She is so precious 😊 she just added a lot of love to those shelves and store 💕 I'm relaxed and inspired to clean. Have a good week guys!♡
Comment from : Nicole Perez

Taylor Crnich
“here we have the sensitive shave cream...don’t say hateful things to it!”😂
Comment from : Taylor Crnich

Angry Rat
I can’t tell if your personality is super wholesome or if you just have the world’s driest (and best) sense of humor. Either way, I love it. Always makes me smile.
Comment from : Angry Rat

Eric Lopez
I don't know how I got here but I know where youre from by your accent lol. I have a female friend that sounds just like you. She was the first person to ever tell me about livermush haha
Comment from : Eric Lopez

Brayden Goldman
Comment from : Brayden Goldman

Zyco 26315
I just watched a lady organize shelves for 30mins straight and I enjoyed every second of it....
Comment from : Zyco 26315


Comment from : andy

Amber C
Love your videos! Your voice is so relaxing and motherly <3
Comment from : Amber C

Ellie H
Smells like a scream 🤣
Comment from : Ellie H

Yo fine ass
Comment from : La FLAME

“ I remember when they used to come in glass bottles. Cause I’m old “😹 😹😹
Comment from : LokieTheCatOfMischief

ricardo avocado
seriously, you're my favorite youtuber
Comment from : ricardo avocado

Fangirl Undercover 2
Now i want to go shopping at dollar tree lol
Comment from : Fangirl Undercover 2

My mom: Don’t touch anything


Comment from : Rosalie

Un PoCo LoCo
OCD has entered the chat
Comment from : Un PoCo LoCo

A random shopper at checkout: trying to make small talk So what type of crazies do you get in here?
Cashier: Well, we get this one lady who comes in and organizes some of our shelves all the time. And she'll whisper to her phone while she does it, too.

Comment from : Izzy

James Castongia
Raspberry ~fLaVoR~ sharing cream
Comment from : James Castongia

Hyjaxx 9
Can you come to my house? Infact you can have a room!
Comment from : Hyjaxx 9

Omg you’re so sweet 🥺
Comment from : Tonic

She reminds me of the grandma elephant from adventure time
Comment from : noir

When u have OCD
Comment from : Your BISS

Eleanor Dakota
18:37 I got so invested in solving the mystery here
Comment from : Eleanor Dakota

Joey Hopper
She’s like a reverse Karen, she makes the employees’ lives easier
Comment from : Joey Hopper

These videos are dangerous. I fell asleep midday
Comment from : TheLocaChica05

As a former dollar tree manager: THANK. YOU. You are a BLESSING.
Comment from : jessimessi

Someone tell me why the hell I was just so entertained then I've ever been for the past 30 minutes.
Comment from : gitzypotat

Kay Mer
I don't know why YouTube recommended your video to me, but I'm glad it did! Your videos are exactly what I didn't know I needed in my life. Lol
Comment from : Kay Mer

Imagine trying to hide stuff in the back of the items for next time
Comment from : XxXŁåÿXxX

Henrique Lima
Omg,you organizing is so relaxing and satisfarory.
Comment from : Henrique Lima

Ariana Ademi
Her commentary makes this 100x better
Comment from : Ariana Ademi

Rosa_lyn :3
She sounds like tree trunks from Adventure Time and i love it🥺😪
Comment from : Rosa_lyn :3

Alex MB
24:29 omg, that makes me so happy, look at that :D
Comment from : Alex MB

The Biggest Squishy Lover Kimberly
Sounds like asmr lol

Wait is it?

Comment from : The Biggest Squishy Lover Kimberly

cambrie mambrie
❤🎉Employee of the month🎊❤
Comment from : cambrie mambrie

EmmyB64 23
I work in a grocery store, and I wish she would pay a visit to my store
Also her voice is so calming, like it cheers me up lol

Comment from : EmmyB64 23

I can just imagine the employees at the end of the day being like who the hell organized the shelves 😂
Comment from : Why

Jo J
I think its really ungrateful that employees dont care about what you do, it makes their job so much easier
Comment from : Jo J

Charlotte W
Now I love my mom but if my mom died and I had to choose who adopted me I would choose this woman
Comment from : Charlotte W

Ira Lee Barnett
I’m just wondering how tired that left arm gets! My arm would be falling off! 🤪😂
Comment from : Ira Lee Barnett

Francesca Cimino
that moment when you remember there are 82 more videos of content like this 🥳
Comment from : Francesca Cimino

Jara _x06
I’m supposed to study for my test, but this is just-
a whole new world opens up for me.

Imagine my teacher being like: why didn’t you study?
And then me thinking back of this lady peacefully talking about sensitive lotion.

Yeah I love this

Comment from : Jara _x06

sun z i e
What if a woman came to her saying
" what are you doin' there miss? "

Comment from : sun z i e

Nallely Silva 25
I'm crying
Comment from : Nallely Silva 25

Marissa Hall
When she says "oh I smell axe", "I think I disturb the force over here" I literally couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂
Comment from : Marissa Hall

Angie Salgado
Lmfao I thought I was the only one who did this hahah
Comment from : Angie Salgado

Since I am an artist, I was wondering if you know the photographer Andreas Gursky?
The end result of your videos remind me of one of his works.
You could do what you do on YouTube, as kind of a performance.
An adaptation to Gursky.
People could watch it live & get tbe
their ASMR goosebumps,
by watching you & listening to the nice sounds & southern voice.

It would be so much better than most performance art. Which is pretty cringy, most of the times.

Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

Comment from : whitexchina

Lara Chrystal
This is so satisfying
Comment from : Lara Chrystal

I am so glad I'm not the only one who goes to the store and does this. My girlfriend will stop me when I end up half way down the aisle, but its really relaxing. Thank you for these videos!!!
Comment from : Sarasaur1234

Brittany Braden
When you stacked the blue arrid deodorant led it was sooooo satisfying for some reason.
Comment from : Brittany Braden

Johannah S
I got recommended to your videos and I could not been any happier to watch your other videos😁
Comment from : Johannah S

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