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Which is the best dollar store?
Comment from : Mashed

The Diplomat
Can we use this video?
Comment from : The Diplomat

Cripple guy
No robberies out here . Everyone carries . We shoot criminals dead . In self defense of course . 😉👍🏻🤷🏾‍♂️
Comment from : Cripple guy

Riley Goss
Who robs a dollar store? You'd risk 5 years n prison for $32?
Comment from : Riley Goss

Scythe Ironclaw
Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar.
Dollar General does not own Family Dollar or Dollar Tree.
Dollar General was moving to acquire Family Dollar but was blocked on anti-trust grounds.

Comment from : Scythe Ironclaw

Mini Bike In Palm Springs
I found tampons for Men there.
Comment from : Mini Bike In Palm Springs

Is this a repeat?
Comment from : roxcyn

Ian Miles Chungus
Are you eating the PVC
Comment from : Ian Miles Chungus

Jim Throop
Meaningless video. It has a niche...and fulfills a need. You don't like don't go. I use occasionally which is my choice. Same for others that it is a choice.
Comment from : Jim Throop

2:00 - some dollar stores do carry freshmeat

Frozen and processed meat ain’t fresh. Get your facts straight. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Comment from : 123RADIOactive

Love Heals
Narrator: Dollar stores have high rates of robbery/assault.
Me: What about the weekly robbery/assault on my paycheck?

Comment from : Love Heals

Arick McGovna
Seriously your idea for stopping shoplifting is to charge more I work in this industry it happens at all the stores no matter what they're charging that idea is idiotic managers in retail always work more hours I did it myself that's not just dollar stores this video is obviously biased and trying to push an agenda if you're worried about PVC Plastics you're screwed it's running to the walls of the building you're in now you idiot
Comment from : Arick McGovna

ken bail
i am not disputing that items at these stores may contain hazerdous chemicals BUT most of the food we eat today does as well and most are not even real food but we eat it
Comment from : ken bail

richard hare
How can you have High turnover when it's just the same workers who I swear must be related
Comment from : richard hare

Tomáš Florian
How can you make this "American cheese" even less cheese than it already is? I can't comprehend why do Americans eat this so called "cheese" anyway...
Comment from : Tomáš Florian

Alexandria Lease
Wow thanks we won't be shopping at Dollar stores anymore. Thankfully we rarely shop there my girls will be much safer now that I know that. We will always choose Walmart over them
Comment from : Alexandria Lease

Ayanna Worthen
I feel like the robbing and shoplifting are bc theyre in low income areas usually
Comment from : Ayanna Worthen

👋Hey Dollar Store figured out there’s a market out there . Especially where there are no stores . And because they carry enough products to get by on . Texas is a great example . Sometimes a grocery store is 100 miles away . And the Dollar store is just 5 miles away !
Comment from : Freelander

I’m not so sure Dollar General owns any of the stores mentioned. Dollar Tree does however, own Family Dollar.
Comment from : G!

Raleigh Deaver
Why are prices so high? Oh, gee I don't know...so they can afford to pay their employee's decent prices?
Comment from : Raleigh Deaver

Alpha Gerudo
Dollar General IS A RIP OFF,
just like walgreens prices
But Dollar Tree is helpful for broke ppl like me just dont buy candles from there..

Comment from : Alpha Gerudo

0:52 - Wrong Dollar General is a stand alone company.
Comment from : TheSareus

Tom Lopes
The 99 cent only stores are really dollar stores. They roundup to-a dollar. Plus, they sell stuff for $7.99. Might as well say it’s a five and dime that’s a five and ten dollar store (inflation).
Comment from : Tom Lopes

PVC, As in PVC water pipes?
Comment from : kpkndusa

Tom Niebrzydowski
Welcome to corporations and the Republican Party! As long as they get rich, they don’t care about anybody else. That’s why about 400 corporations have not paid any federal tax! But we do!
Comment from : Tom Niebrzydowski

Johnny Rotten
There is NO Good  Dollar Store
Comment from : Johnny Rotten

Johnny Rotten
NOT Dollar Tree
Comment from : Johnny Rotten

I wish my dollar stores had branded foods and snacks.
Comment from : Ples

Christopher Sutton
Dollar tree only owns Family Dollar🙄
Comment from : Christopher Sutton

Tanya Tanya
Does everything available at a dollar 🤔 I’m from India and we don’t hve such store 😐
Comment from : Tanya Tanya

Penny Trosper
I feel for the lady at dg casse I was done the same way
Comment from : Penny Trosper

JerzeyRebel 47
Dam ppl are really out here Grocery shopping on Dollar stores , I thank God For my blessings to be able to afford the food I want and need
Comment from : JerzeyRebel 47

Jeff Ruebens
Make sure no one at your home chews on plastic stuff not made for putting in their mouths. Bought at any store.
Comment from : Jeff Ruebens

The 50 cent stores food is good tho ... Right ????
Comment from : jknocal

Ashton Paugh
1% of harmful chemicals? In America, we sadly don't know what that even means.. and meat is the same as cafeteria food?? Uhhh.. that's what you're paying to feed your children 5 days a week..
Comment from : Ashton Paugh

Carly Robinson
Once you have the number you need to call and talk to Dollar Tree's corporate office about all these Claims.
Comment from : Carly Robinson

Aurα вírdч
All I know is that it pisses off Walmart more then ever. Dispte some issues with cheap junk and low quality food and such from the dollar stores but there is good things that I love and buy on a weekly basis.
Comment from : Aurα вírdч

Carly Robinson
Walmart's really mad at Dollar Tree if you have a notice if there's a walmart there is a Dollar Tree right in the same area is knocking their business down. There probly really mad at Dollar Tree right now for doing that.
Comment from : Carly Robinson

Don't care what people think, I fuckin love dollar stores!
Comment from : JulCaos

From my point of view in my area Dollar Tree Dollar General and Family Dollar usually only pop-up on the farthest outskirts where there are no big deal realtor stores the only one that seems to have a problem with putting too many chains out is Family Dollar they have Dollar chains within a few blocks of each other let alone a mile or two of each other at times
Comment from : WarriorD13

Kathleen Norton
Walmart is the one who knocks local businesses out in the droves.
Is this sponsored by Walmart?

Comment from : Kathleen Norton

zweet heart
I'm sure they don't even get paid that much either
Comment from : zweet heart

I'm on my way there now for some pork rinds!
Comment from : Peoplekind

all of this is true. my boyfriend is a manager for Family Dollar and they overwork the fuck out of him and put a whole bunch of responsibility on him that he is NOT getting paid nearly enough for.
Comment from : D

Freda Glover
First family dollar can be really creepy especially in bad neighborhoods
Comment from : Freda Glover

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