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Rhonda LaForce
I am new at this and love your videos very simple and easy to navigate
Comment from : Rhonda LaForce

I Play RuneScape
This is incredible. You explained how to coupon, really well.
Comment from : I Play RuneScape

Luisa Rhoderick
I need to paper coupon. Wow that was a super great deal
Comment from : Luisa Rhoderick

marianne mckenzie
Where can i find paper coupons? Well these deals work with just a digital coupon? Cuz I can only put in my digital coupon once at the end. If I just get the three games and one water softener what I still pay very little?
I know this deal is long over but I'm trying to get an idea of how things. I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box

Comment from : marianne mckenzie

marianne mckenzie
So I understand that they can't give you money back but do you have to find another item? Or did she just get something else so as not to lose the 29 cents?
Comment from : marianne mckenzie

sonia hanna
i think that's amazing! im learning tho, im looking foward to start my new journey lolol
Comment from : sonia hanna

u waffling on to much
Comment from : Blacksheep

My Question is, where are you getting the coupons from? Are you actually buying the newspaper to get them?
Comment from : Suzy

Michaa Arce
Where do you get your coupons ?
Comment from : Michaa Arce

Catina Gray
Im new at couponing yes i messed up my first time i just watched this and going to try just what u did wish me luck
Comment from : Catina Gray

Neng Thao
This is more savings than buying in bulks from costco.
Comment from : Neng Thao

Diana Jones
you have a good heart to share your coupons and the info thanks
Comment from : Diana Jones

I didnt know lol
Comment from : YouTube

mika duffy
okay so this is my first video of yours that i am watching and i’m only 5 minutes in and i am subscribing. i haven’t even seen your face but idk just they way you explain things you just caught my attention. i’m wanting to learn more about couponing so i’m excited to start watching your videos
Comment from : mika duffy

Desiree Alyce
Thanks sooo much you’re my 😇 I’m just getting started and I was getting a little overwhelmed, but you got me right ❤️❤️. My cousin told me I was ready for a start like this, but I go at things head first😳👏🏽👏🏽😍
Comment from : Desiree Alyce

Jaime Jaime
Hi I will do it your way because I used to give my coupons till the end and most of the time there was issues
Comment from : Jaime Jaime

Yareli Tenorio
Erika do you have another website to order coupons? Tried to go to that one and it’s no longer available 😩
Comment from : Yareli Tenorio

Vicky Valadez
Hi where do you get or find these coupons?
Comment from : Vicky Valadez

So Be It
I missed something on this video. If you are getting $5 off of spending $20 on gain and you are doing this 3 times hence 9 boxes of gain fabric softener sheets, that isn't even mathematically correct? I am definitely missing something. Nine boxes @ 2.49 each is 22.41 then you are taking off 3 coupons at $5 a piece. Leaves you owning 7.41 for just those 9 boxes. Is there something else that is taking off that excess owed? can you help me understand? Thank you so much, you are awesome.
Comment from : So Be It

Jackelyn Torres
I went to dollar general today to score on another deal and they had the 5$ off 25$. I did what you did..where They scanned the item and then gave them the coupon. After everything was scanned, my $5 didn’t come off because they said I scanned my coupons before she hit subtotal. So I told her to cancel the transaction so I can scan everything in order and she said if she canceled the transaction I’d lose my digital coupons. Is any of this true??
Comment from : Jackelyn Torres

Toni Lynn Licavoli
U are amazing! U have shown & taught me sooo much..thank u! I'm disabeled & on a fixed income & u are my blessing from my angels!!
Comment from : Toni Lynn Licavoli

I don't usually pay attention to stuff like this but your nails look amazing!
Comment from : RThompsonArt

when you gave that lady the coupon 🥺
Comment from : mistier

Could you send me the link on how I can buy cupon? Thanks
Comment from : chere1991

Marie Ferriera
Brilliant!! You are!!!
Comment from : Marie Ferriera

Marie Ferriera
I am a new subscriber..love it..
Comment from : Marie Ferriera

Skittles31 skittles31
Thank you so much for this video. You are such a super duper saver....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Skittles31 skittles31

Thank you... Thank you.... Thank you... for this great video. I want to learn and do coupon and you explained it very well. God blessed you for doing this.
Comment from : ezlenen224

Comment from : chicky1785

ana jimenez
What is digital couponing?
Comment from : ana jimenez

Treasa Salzano
hi my first time watching and your a wonderful teacher looking forward to learn more great video
Comment from : Treasa Salzano

Hey girl... I’d love to try something like this out but I can’t figure things out cause my mind gets overwhelmed lol UNTIL I get taught in person or really explained personally! Soooo if there’s anything going on like a deal that I can walk in and buy a bunch of things and end up owing nothing ID LOVE TO KNOW HOW TO DO THAT MHSELF! I’m in Vermont and if u know of anything that I can do and walk me through it please get back to me! I wanna try this out lol it looks like fun and addictive lol I’m a single dad so if I can get the hang of this once in a while and eventually know how to get these deals w out it consuming my life lol I’m down! So for fun if u wanna get back at me I’m here! Lol 😉🙃🤙🏼
Comment from : JTG LANDSCAPES

Rosemarie Lee
Comment from : Rosemarie Lee

Klarisa Salazar
Where to get multiple p&g coupons
Comment from : Klarisa Salazar

Krystal C
Hi why are you putting 3 items then your coupon and repeating with the rest of your stuff?
Comment from : Krystal C

Black Cat Household Cleaners LLC
I'm off subject! But I love her purse!! 😘
Comment from : Black Cat Household Cleaners LLC

stephanie ayala
That was a big stack of p&g coupons. How do you get so many?
Comment from : stephanie ayala

Beth Webb
So basically, you had 6 coupons to use for the 9 dryer sheets and went to two stores
Comment from : Beth Webb

Sharla Williams
Wecouponclipz isn't working on my end. Has anyone had issues. Thanks
Comment from : Sharla Williams

Ishell Snyder
I would like to know where or how do you find your manufacturer coupons for places
Comment from : Ishell Snyder

J.A. L.D.
I found that with the bic razors you can buy 2 packs with the DG coupon $3 off each. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : J.A. L.D.

Susan Geleng
I need to get p&g inserts
Comment from : Susan Geleng

Matilda Harper
Is it the first off each mouth that I get the inserts
Comment from : Matilda Harper

Free flat screen tv. No scam. youtu.be/eYEhTL9PmEA. It has become difficult to give away a tv.
Comment from : fitAlittlebit

Elle Mae
I tried the website you posted to receive coupons but it did not work. Please tell us where we can get coupons. TY
Comment from : Elle Mae

Kǟʀʍǟ Mǟʏɦɛʍ Ĉοηηοլլγ
This could sure be a help to me if I had the access to the coupon hook up in my area, even more so since the only income im working with is a 1st of the month type.
Comment from : Kǟʀʍǟ Mǟʏɦɛʍ Ĉοηηοլլγ

Nerine Edwards
You are a thoughtful person I.i enjoyed your video🤗
Comment from : Nerine Edwards

Kevin The Okay
wow im trying to get into couponing cause we could save money but i still don’t understand the limit per purchase vs per transaction or per household
Comment from : Kevin The Okay

Tammy Davidson
Thank you. This video is very helpful for a beginner like myself!
Comment from : Tammy Davidson

Nayeli Salad
Where can you use you PG coupon?? 😅 I'm trying to learn to coupon
Comment from : Nayeli Salad

Lauren Alyse
I love your voice it’s so soothing!
Comment from : Lauren Alyse

I love that you go over coupon manners.
Comment from : ASH BURDELL

D Jones
Jaw dropping
Comment from : D Jones

Tonia Dyce
That is so cool! So all I need to do is get the monthly P&G coupons but do I have to make an account w dollar general to get the digital coupons??
Comment from : Tonia Dyce

This was an excellent video for us beginners! VERY informative and helpful. Thank you so much! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Comment from : G S

Clarissa Arambula
So you can use digital coupons and clip ones ? Thank thanks for the video I understood more then the rest
Comment from : Clarissa Arambula

Does anyone ever wonder why we can have all these coupons and get free stuff or almost free? Why do we need to go through all this for the same end result of free or almost free, when they should just be provided at the lower cost initially?
Comment from : wjb722

Isela Rosario
Explica muy bien ,me encanta
Comment from : Isela Rosario

Earlene Weldon Johnson
I would love to know how you get ALL of the extra inserts of the coupons without going broke buying newspapers???!!!???
Comment from : Earlene Weldon Johnson

Sarah Jones
Lol I love u sis. Too cool and funny
Comment from : Sarah Jones

SavedByGrace alvino
Ur so CUTE ❤️
Comment from : SavedByGrace alvino

Stacey Cavanaugh
For the first purchase I am so confused. The dryer sheets were 3.00 each on the shelf and you had a coupon for 5.00 off of 3 boxes. So wouldn't you still have to pay 4.00 for the three boxes? How on earth did you get them for free? Please help me understand this wizardry!
Comment from : Stacey Cavanaugh

jewel-li mcintosh
Where do you get the paper coupons
Comment from : jewel-li mcintosh

Felicitas P Morales
Thanks I was just thinking of the coupons use both or one u just answer my question😀😀😀
Comment from : Felicitas P Morales

Serena Cornell
As a couponer, myself, i prefer to stay under the radar. I always warn customers behind me that we will be taking a lot of time. If they stay, you will see their eyes glaze over when you leave paying a few cents for bags stuffed with items. One of the stores i shop at, matches prices from other stores. Just bring them the printed ad. My coupons are like an American Express Card--- i don't leave home without it. One more comment, don't take more items than you need, or donate to the local food bank or shelter. Really, do you need 300 deodorant sticks? I didn't think so. Check those expiration dates. I also share with other couponless shoppers. Happy shopping!
Comment from : Serena Cornell

Angie Martinez
I try to order the clip coupons but it says is not avaliable
Comment from : Angie Martinez

Pearl Lopez
Thank you for explaining and going into detail!! not so many people are willing to give out the tricks on couponing!!! I really appreciate you!!
Comment from : Pearl Lopez

Tammy Bolin
I'm new but would I need to buy several news papers to have several coupons don't you only get one coupon per paper..im not sure but this is super neat..
Comment from : Tammy Bolin

That’s a wonderful deal. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️🤗🤗🤗. So I should do the paper coupons 1st then put my # in then whatever I have on my account will take off of the total?
Comment from : bckymksk

Renee Lemos
As a new person to your channel i love honestly Love some of your videos. The ones i like are when you speak clearly and slowly. You are not a fast talker and love how you explain things about coupons! Please show us new gals how to do stuff like when u shop at walgreens,safeway,walmart!!
Comment from : Renee Lemos

Stephanie Melvin
Thanks for explaining :)
Comment from : Stephanie Melvin

Haley Rose
You are the only person that has explained the coupons and had it make sense
Comment from : Haley Rose

ok hi
How do you get Dollar general paper coupons
Comment from : ok hi

Reese Keepers
I always give cupons lol some ne so happy some look at me crazy thanks for sharing
Comment from : Reese Keepers

Melissa Gonsalves
How do i get coupons can you send me a way to get them please
Comment from : Melissa Gonsalves

Mary Burt
I'd like to know where to get these coupons!!
Please help us to find these coupons

Comment from : Mary Burt

Terry Leneave
Where do you get paper coupons? We don't have a newspaper in town anymore.
Comment from : Terry Leneave

Comment from : Thejonez

Violeta R.Hernandez
Where can I get some of those $5 off of 3 gain sheets?
Comment from : Violeta R.Hernandez

Here I am telling myself I don’t have enough to add a $1.69 candy bar and you got a candy bar and $25 worth of stuff for a quarter. 😩😂
Comment from : Jiorji

Linda Atkins
Where are u getting all these coupons from if u don’t get the newspaper
Comment from : Linda Atkins

Justcruisin Mom
Sad searches my family accounts no $2 DG coupon that you used on any of the accounts😢
Comment from : Justcruisin Mom

Justcruisin Mom
So on the DG dryer sheet deal for the 5 off 20 gain when handing over coupons 3 at a time does that affect the total of 5 off 20 as in do we need to spend more because the paper coupons come off before the subtotal?
Comment from : Justcruisin Mom

I immediately subscribed to your channel after I saw you offer a complete stranger that Gain coupon. So many couponers online and in person hoard and hide their success. Seeing you offer such a simple and kind gesture to a complete stranger is a testament to how wonderful you are. Thank you for your videos; you’ve totally gained a loyal viewer here!
Comment from : K R

Robalyn Herrera
How do you get the digital coupons
Comment from : Robalyn Herrera

T Koontz
Do you have an insert seller that you recommend online? I have only found individual coupons online for sale..
Comment from : T Koontz

brenda pardee
wish I could do this!
Comment from : brenda pardee

Shirley Evans
Where do you get the coupons?
Comment from : Shirley Evans

Anne-Marie Landry
Binge watching and learning! Thanks for the store coupon vs manufacturer coupon explanation cuz I'm brand new and learning all this!!!
Comment from : Anne-Marie Landry

raquel wilson
Hey I'm so knew to couponing I need anyone to help me figure it out in a extremely slow pace like what is a crt????
Comment from : raquel wilson

Nessa Mika
You say you have plenty of coupons. How do you get so many? Nobody buys paper anymore so hard for me to get free coupons from friends.
Comment from : Nessa Mika

Charlotte Ivey
I have a question. How do you get multiple coupons??? Do you buy many Sunday papers maybe?? I'm starting to do couponing and I want to get as much as I can from it. Thanks Sista
Comment from : Charlotte Ivey

Pamela Hernandez
How do I get the dollar store coupons
Thanks Pamela

Comment from : Pamela Hernandez

Carol Burnett
I used to use lots of dryer sheets, and use less now.......a hint I do now is this ......I use a wool ball in my dryer and put a few drops of essential oil on the ball and this makes my clothes smell real good and helps eliminate wrinkles and makes the clothes dry faster....(this way I do not have to find a place to store all the dryer sheets)......thanks
Comment from : Carol Burnett

Luny Tune
Subbed last night binge watching your vids. Thank you for breaking some of them down. Still learning. I see what your doing but still confused. How do you figure out what to buy?
Comment from : Luny Tune

Katherine Petersorf
You're southern, you can't help how you say some words. My family is from Alabama, and though I didn't grow up there, I still say something with a drawl.
Comment from : Katherine Petersorf

Katherine Petersorf
I use to cashier at a store, and I can say this "yes, it is always easier to scan coupons as we go, especially if they are a percent off and I have to key in. It is always easier to know why a coupon isn't working if you scan it right after the item it should go to, and some stores, like Walmart, refuse (some managers, each store is different) to accept a coupon if it will not scan.
Comment from : Katherine Petersorf

Katherine Petersorf
I carry a coupon binder, and if I see someone buying I'll give them a coupon, and if they're about to expire (like by midnight that day) I'll leave the stack I don't use on the counter next to the product.
Comment from : Katherine Petersorf

Joanna Trujillo
How do I just get or but inserts in general?
Comment from : Joanna Trujillo

Benjamin Villa
Ur so kind
Comment from : Benjamin Villa

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