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Me: gets ebola
Bestfriend: gets corona virus
Me and Bestfriend: Were Deadly

Comment from : ThisLegoBro

yo favorite Egyptian boi
Title: deadliest outbreak

Black death: am I a joke to you?

Comment from : yo favorite Egyptian boi

Evan toys. Tv
That thumbnail picture is just creepy
Comment from : Evan toys. Tv

MJ SharkPuppet
it’s corona time
Comment from : MJ SharkPuppet

Vanessa V
🦇 again
Comment from : Vanessa V

Raldirald Vasquez
Low IQ's people make memes about Ebola. so sad.
Comment from : Raldirald Vasquez

Chunky Pee
YouTubes recommendations is on point with the corona virus
Comment from : Chunky Pee

purity bankz
As at now there’s a lot of Ebola cases in Nigeria and it’s killing people everyday but you won’t see it on the news.
Comment from : purity bankz

PaintBLÖX •
Bubonic Plague has been Jerked
Comment from : PaintBLÖX •

Rachel plays Roblox

Comment from : Rachel plays Roblox

KaTy :D
Omg,the 2 year old boy who died,i was celebrating my bd when the poor thing died
Comment from : KaTy :D

CaNst _
Ebola: cause eating of bats
Corona virus: cause eating of bats
Haven’t they learned the lesson yet? :/

Comment from : CaNst _

The EU Girl
2014: ebola
2020: Corona
2026: ...

Comment from : The EU Girl

Joakim Baba
Him: completely insults Africa by saying they are less economically advanced
America: the main reason millions of trees are getting destroyed in order to place buildings

Comment from : Joakim Baba

Nei Das
Oh wow. The Spanish flu , Ebola , corona virus. And a bunch more outbreaks. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN A MILLION TIMES!! SMALLPOX WAS BAD ENOUGH BUT THANKS TO COWPOX we are safe. Hopefully we find a cure for corona virus.
Comment from : Nei Das

Jesse Oliver Chung
Oh the one
Comment from : Jesse Oliver Chung

Forsaken Storm
No coronavirus is dangerous
Comment from : Forsaken Storm

Lilia Ahdab
._. Everyone that cOuGhs people say ‘OmG yOu GoT EbOlA! RuNnN!!!
Comment from : Lilia Ahdab

xXCute cat The WolfXxYT
Hey who's Filipino
Comment from : xXCute cat The WolfXxYT

Liang Ni
7years later a corona virus in china
Comment from : Liang Ni

Hamdi Omar
6 years later I got recommendation
Comment from : Hamdi Omar

Ujwala Kadam
This Is Ebola Narrating
Comment from : Ujwala Kadam

Lea Brown
corona virus has joined the chat
Comment from : Lea Brown

Zap Zap
Coronavirus is hiding around the corner
Comment from : Zap Zap

Reyna Martinez
Back in 2017 i got really sick from parvovirus B19 😮😯 while pregnant. B19 you suppose to get it in childhood and is not rhat bad, but when you get in adulthood it can be deadly virus, horrible symptoms ,at the time zika's virus was the thing,☹😖 i was so scared! I cried everyday night because doctors were having hard time finding what was causing me 105 fever and intense joint pain. They didn't want me to have any visits, 😫I was like oh dear God don't let it be any ebola or zika🙏😢!!! Im alive! Im so thankful for my health.Prayers for those who are suffering💔💔💔 Almighty God heal the sick🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Reyna Martinez

Vincent Wei
Who else is watching in 2020 in the middle of the new coronavirus
Comment from : Vincent Wei

Yeet Yeetus
That guy seems really dumb “accidentally stabbed himself with Ebola”
Comment from : Yeet Yeetus

ꨄ H O N E Y B E E ꨄ
Coronavirus be like- am I a joke to you?!
Comment from : ꨄ H O N E Y B E E ꨄ

Baby Banana Killer
No one;

Youtube: HeY WaNnA SeE a VIdeO aBOut EBolA whILE wE hAve CorONa VIrus?

Comment from : Baby Banana Killer

benJy as
coronavirus: allow me to introduce myself
Comment from : benJy as

Kaelyn Danielsen
Chronavirus: hey guys 👋👋

YouTube: let’s teach u about Ebola

Comment from : Kaelyn Danielsen

Dumarland Tv
Omg people stop eating everything 😔just eat farm food
Comment from : Dumarland Tv

Nabilah wahyu
due to a dirty man making 1200 people more but behind all this there is meaning that we must not live dirty keeping clean
Comment from : Nabilah wahyu

Elizabeth Cullen
US did a great job ❤️
Comment from : Elizabeth Cullen

8-bit Kay
Jesus bats....
Comment from : 8-bit Kay

The Fox
Ebola then the coronavirus.

Me: I don’t wanna die at a young age.

Comment from : The Fox

alakazam salabim
Do you think that the coronavirus is like ebola?
Comment from : alakazam salabim

Stuart D. Uchiha

Comment from : Stuart D. Uchiha

Amanda Avila
Coronavirus and Ebola both came from bats
Comment from : Amanda Avila

smdh this world
Damn one person did so much damage
Comment from : smdh this world

breezy MC
5:50 Alright boys this red lines guna end this viruses hole carrier
Comment from : breezy MC

Thomas_ Train
Ebola deadliest disease:

Coronavirus: Hi, I’m Bruce.

Comment from : Thomas_ Train

Let's be honest No one search for this.
Comment from : ForsakeNシ

Qian Tang
Everyone after Ebola: Nothing could be worse than this Corona Virus: You ain’t see nothin yet 😏
Comment from : Qian Tang

。ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 。
uwu coronavirus owo
Comment from : 。ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 。

Corona virus : U think ur the most deadliest
Comment from : AliveBanana

Monsieur Cramoisi
Isn't there any thing but bats to grab ?

Comment from : Monsieur Cramoisi

Coronavirus: exists
Ebola: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

Comment from : Wym

Aiko Chan
Lets talk about corona
Comment from : Aiko Chan

John Doe
Ebola makes the Coronavirus look like a runny nose
Comment from : John Doe

tristantdm 1
"An angry crowd broke in to the health center and freed the infected"


Comment from : tristantdm 1

Lifu 21
I'm Nigerian
Comment from : Lifu 21

Season 4
Welcome to Wuhan

Comment from : AM2 SCG

Kyle Christopher Jones
We will be coming back to coronovirus videos in a few months and thinking remember when people thought it was gonna wipe us all out hmmm
Comment from : Kyle Christopher Jones

Corona Virus: “I’m gonna finish what you have started”
Comment from : Sugar

Dattraj Suryawanshi
Thumbnail got me cry 😭😭😭
Comment from : Dattraj Suryawanshi

I know this is serious and all but the child at the beginning is such a mood
Comment from : bruh69

Tyler Hunt
Ebola was created in a lab to depopulate Africa.
Comment from : Tyler Hunt

Now we got coronavirus
Comment from : Marlon

Xx_Lavender Lust
My parents flew me to America to escape Ebola that country is my home
Comment from : Xx_Lavender Lust

Now we’ve got coronavirus 😭😭
Comment from : Sibeeria

Anders herum
Corona na na na na
Comment from : Anders herum

Abdulrahman Albastaki
Its always the bats, DONT EAT THEM, its as simple as that, you got ebola from bats and you got corona from bats.
Comment from : Abdulrahman Albastaki

Im Stew pit
Was here after the coronavirus spread out
Comment from : Im Stew pit

Melvin Can
Me : gets ebola
My grandparents : during our time, we had worse

Comment from : Melvin Can

Kyla Martinez
and now, corona virus.
Comment from : Kyla Martinez

Bash Razari
make video for coronavirus
Comment from : Bash Razari

Aryann Chiong
I hope some people would stop eating bats anymore
Comment from : Aryann Chiong

The Lord
Is it still going around? Bc I don’t here much about it again
Comment from : The Lord

Amy the Blink
I was terrified until I saw the date the video was published 😶
Comment from : Amy the Blink

daniel villanueva
child:LeT mE eAt A rOtTeN bAt gets ebola

Corona virus:
Random person: eats bat, get virus

Me : bats= death. Also can we like STOP eating bats???? Like, that’s how we die, the bats will kill us before global warming does.

Comment from : daniel villanueva

Sassy Hermming
And know we are here but with coronavirus
Comment from : Sassy Hermming

Gloria Raissa
Bats are known to be a host for various viruses. I hope with this incident plus SARS, MERS, and the last outbreak of n-CoV 2019, which known to be transmitted through bats, goverment all over the world can make a strict regulation of consumption of bats.
Comment from : Gloria Raissa

lee justie
And now we have Corona Virus...
Comment from : lee justie

Dexter uwu
corona virus:"let me introduce my self."
Comment from : Dexter uwu

Ebola and now coronavirus
Comment from : catholickayla

Ak Kampala Kk Kampala
There is new disease carona, No one YouTube recommendation
Comment from : Ak Kampala Kk Kampala

Yamigov8 Playz
1720 plague: i shall make history
1820 cholera: imma make my bro proud
1920 Spanish flu: its kill time!
2020 coronavirus: hey sissy its my turn.

Comment from : Yamigov8 Playz

Yamigov8 Playz
The corona virus: hey sissy its my turn to shine
Comment from : Yamigov8 Playz

hein htet
Who's watching during Corona virus outbreak? 😛
Comment from : hein htet

Creative 8D
Cary the child like it’s a bag of sh*t
Comment from : Creative 8D

aryaaa 19197
Its always the damn bats man
Comment from : aryaaa 19197

Zaii Kujo
And now it's coronavirus
Comment from : Zaii Kujo

Khanh Nguyen Cong
Why they are still eating bats after 6 years? Did they learn anything from Ebola?

They should watch and listen. This is their fault because of their actions, human are dealing with hard times. Go to hell China. China government should take resposibility about this. Go disgusting!

Comment from : Khanh Nguyen Cong

chummy 16
5 years ago ebola virus
Now Corona virus

Comment from : chummy 16

『 Rin Rin 』
Stop eating bats, mice, or snakes dammit.
Comment from : 『 Rin Rin 』

Shy Guy
Why dont people care about there health :/
Comment from : Shy Guy

Medjugorje Abala
NCoV outbreak leads me here
Comment from : Medjugorje Abala

Ebola: deadliest outbreak

Corona virus: am I a joke to you?

Comment from : Suayb OZDAMAR

Honey Bhinder
Anyone here after coronavirus
Comment from : Honey Bhinder

Heisenberg White
Just nuke them lol
Comment from : Heisenberg White

2020 coranavirus brought me here
Comment from : Eswar

priestess identity v
Who I here for coronavirus
Comment from : priestess identity v

How come it’s animals like bats that are allegedly the carriers of radical viruses including the coronavirus?
Comment from : Jmobile

Rushan Dias
Please stop eating bat 🦇 lol
Comment from : Rushan Dias

Oh Sauce
Corona virus is waving 👋🏻
Comment from : Oh Sauce

irsak kamil
It was the foreigners who created the "Ebola" in their lab to decrease the increasing people in Africa and now in China with the "caronavirus"
Comment from : irsak kamil

unv sp
Corona virus bring me here
Comment from : unv sp

Emiline Bellé
I wish Americans would stop helping Africa. Tf. 😠
Comment from : Emiline Bellé

Synthetic Star
Me gets Ebola

School nurse: Here is an ice pack

Comment from : Synthetic Star

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