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I love shopping at Cvs and you give us the best deals. I did the tresemme deal spend $30 get $10 that you showed us and also had crt $2.25 off tresemme crt and $4 off $14 crt, really worked out good😁thank you so much peace&blessings❤
Comment from : BeautifulQueen

Stacy Hopson
I was also only able to use 1 purchase based CRT which made me lose money.
Comment from : Stacy Hopson

Making it Mcgee
Hi I did go to CVS with my Mom and everything went fine I wish I would of known about the Red coupon digital box... I got the Era it was just .49 cents and I got the lady speed stick and the blow dryer and the free gum and the cleansing cloths and a throw... I got extra bucks $14.00 so it was great I spent $21.00 I am going back today. Stay blessed Happy Holidays great bargains at CVS...
Comment from : Making it Mcgee

Im going to go to cvs in a few hours before work. Hopefully the deals work. I’ve noticed that the weekly ad for next week came out, so I am scared it will clash. 😢 cry

Edit: Saw the weekly ad again, statts on December 1....lol phew!!

Comment from : GraceSee

Fritz Gerke
Could you please do a video or explanation of how to best use the % off coupons. Thanks so much!
Comment from : Fritz Gerke

Laura Barber
How do you get the channel 4:50? I went in and scanned my card and I didn't have one :-( :-(
Comment from : Laura Barber

Esmeralda Gutierrez
I got the nyx butter glosses and they didn’t print out the extrabucks so I had to return them!
Comment from : Esmeralda Gutierrez

Krissy T
My $3 instant off coupon didn’t print for the Colgate and when I went to ask the cashier she said if I’ve already done the deal this week that’s it. Is anyone else having any issues with the other $3 instant coupon? Is it a one time limit this week?
Comment from : Krissy T

Stephanie Williams
So can you explain to me what phase CRT because I have a 10 off of $50 and a $6 off of 30 so would I be able to combine both of those together it should be like 16 off $16 off of $80 I'm just asking can I get some help please
Comment from : Stephanie Williams

Kelly Zamora
This was my first cvs black Friday! Was the first one at my store at 7:50 and I used all the extrabucks to buy the 4.99 slippers and 1.99 blankets as gifts!
Comment from : Kelly Zamora

Brittany Nice
I have a $1/1 deodorant and an App only $0.50 coupon on the Speed stick. Thanks for the heads up about the liners in app coupon
Comment from : Brittany Nice

Ruby Star
Got this yesterday what a rush
Comment from : Ruby Star

Rhonda Smith
My coupons didn't come off 😭 an my store don't carry nuclear 😭
Comment from : Rhonda Smith

Angela Estes
All toys at my cvs store were buy one get one free. I got 2 frozen dolls that were 19.99 each they were on buy one get one sale.
Comment from : Angela Estes

Megann Cupcakes
I found some Kleenex wipes dbl box on clearance for 99 cents
Comment from : Megann Cupcakes

ki ii
thank you to you & your contact for updating everyone about the beauty bags!!
Comment from : ki ii

Hi savvy coupon shopper I was wounderinf can you do the Black Friday deals online?
Comment from : tinmanlover1994

Liss Muniz
I had a couple of issues at cvs today. On my first transaction I tried to stack CRT’s for the $10/$40 household with $2/$8 paper towels, $2/$8 tide, $3/$12 laundry CRT and they were not coming off? Is this the same as the $10/$50 coupon where you will have to spend more to get it taken off?

Also, some of my digitals were not coming off.

However, after all my ECB’s and cash cards came off. I only paid $6.36 out of pocket. Super happy 😃

Btw, love your videos.

Comment from : Liss Muniz

Vandy Prescott
Thanks for all your help.
Comment from : Vandy Prescott

Houston Huslte
My cvs did the same. I tried to use the $10 off $40 and my $3 off $12 hefty coupon and it would not work.
Comment from : Houston Huslte

Jamie Thornton
How long does it take if I cash out on ibotta for a cvs card should I cash out now or wait til in store .Thank you in advance 😊Have a wonderful day
Comment from : Jamie Thornton

Micki Nussbaum
Oh my goodness! You are amazing! I’ve learned so much from you. What a great teacher you are. I “spent” $99 after coupons on transaction 1, but got back $83 EB!!!! Transaction 2 paid w/ EB and still have life leftover to roll next week!
Comment from : Micki Nussbaum

Michelle Myers
Happy Thanksgiving. I love these deals. I love skinmate razors. Doritos perfect for kids lunches. Thanks so much.
Comment from : Michelle Myers

MacKenzie Mitchell
Great haul! Happy Thanksgiving!
Comment from : MacKenzie Mitchell

Jb Gug
Comment from : Jb Gug

Bevin Steen
Will the deals still be good tomorrow
Comment from : Bevin Steen

Amber Sharp
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Luellen 🦃🍁❤️ thankful for you and all that you do 😊
Comment from : Amber Sharp

Amal Fannon
Comment from : Amal Fannon

Noreen Pociej
Thank you Luellen for all you do to help us couponers save. I just print your lists and off I go. I used my $10 off $50 and my receipt was for 3 cents! I did use $30 in EBs but got them back.
Comment from : Noreen Pociej

Noreen Pociej
Is anyone having issues with extra bucks they cannot use because the register says they were used in a previous transaction? I have $18 in EBs that I can’t use. I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m going to call corporate to find out. The cashier says they or managers cannot override them. Does anyone know why this may happen?
Comment from : Noreen Pociej

Isa S
Happy Thanksgiving! I did not get the Colgate CRT today. I had used the one I got on Sunday! Did any one else had that problem?
Comment from : Isa S

Mrs. Magical Monica
I was able to get the same Conair dryer. 👍🏽 I’m excited about it. I matched the Schick deal with another razor, another $4 coupon and a $3/$12 CRT—paid 99 cents for two. I was bummed the slippers didn’t come in an XL. My son wants some.
Comment from : Mrs. Magical Monica

Dawn Torres
The app only coupon on the liners worked for me. I had a $.50 Speed Stick app only coupon as well but it adjusted down to $.11.
Comment from : Dawn Torres

Laura Yim
Thank you for sharing your haul. My cashiers were so sweet and helpful.
Comment from : Laura Yim

Danielle Wuest
My $1.00 came off the pantie liners and got a .99 ecb. Also, my store had tons of the 6 masks, they were up on a shelf. They sent back all of the Wet n Wild sets because no one was buying them. WHAT!!!! Nothing was marked in my store either. I bought a $12.99 toy and got another 1 free.
Comment from : Danielle Wuest

Dee Kay
I had a $2.50 CRT pain reliever for the acetaminophen, but my CRT for the liners and bounty did not come off. Did not make a fuss and of $2, which my total would have been 0.
Comment from : Dee Kay

Positive Rae of Sunshine
Your videos have helped me so much. I went to cvs today for these deals. I got 16 items for 6 dollars out of pocket. All my ecb and coupons went through just fine. Thank you for all you do!
Comment from : Positive Rae of Sunshine

Alisa Aydin
Happy thanksgiving! Thank you for all you do! I will be heading to cvs tomorrow, hopefully I’m able to find everything!
Comment from : Alisa Aydin

Mika Terajima
Will you be doing another $10 off $50 scenario for next weeks deals? Happy thanksgiving! 🦃
Comment from : Mika Terajima

Julia Shimer
you’re the best
Comment from : Julia Shimer

Mexprin Mexprin
Love my CVS cashier. Era didn't come off, and they were out of the $1.99 razor so he let me do the next larger size for $5.99 and created a $7EB for the total. Happy Thanksgiving!
Comment from : Mexprin Mexprin

Library Lady
My CVS is around the corner from my home. Popped out while everything in oven/crock pot and got some deals! I bought the women’s slippers last year and got large but they were too small! I have a large foot as well. I ended up buying the men’s large this year and they fit! Nice & warm and only for around house so don’t mind that they’re men’s! My sons are calling them my “grandpa slippers”! 😂 My Bounty digital didn’t come off either! Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all you do!
Comment from : Library Lady

Nally A
Amazing haul, Luellen. Happy thanksgiving!
Comment from : Nally A

Savannah Martin
App only coupons came off great had one for speed stick and the liners and had no issues only had issues with the era detergent
Comment from : Savannah Martin

Xiomara Quiles
Nice thank you you too
Comment from : Xiomara Quiles

Katelyn Motter
My $1 app only coupon on feminine care came off, and my $1 era did not come off either.
Comment from : Katelyn Motter

Sarah Perez
I found out about that too.. it sucks... u can mix the store crt with manufacture coupon tho
Comment from : Sarah Perez

Tammy Wallace
I did your 10/50😁it was awesome! I got $300 worth of toys for 134 EBS. I paid tax with CVS gift card and submitted every receipt to Fetch! The best Black Friday sale ever! Thank you!
Comment from : Tammy Wallace

cbjyajmommy -
Oh goodness! I’m not going out today! I hope there are still items left when I go tomorrow morning! I’m debating on letting hubby cook the dinner and me running out to CVS! 😂
Comment from : cbjyajmommy -

Mercedes Mayne
Yes, the slippers run small, I got some and gave them away because of that and got the Walgreens slippers . Great deals!
Comment from : Mercedes Mayne

I didn't get ANY of of the instant coupons.
I got the message that I already printed all my coupons for this week

Comment from : faeryedark

Dora Chavez
Amazing haul 👍 Thank you for everything you share to help us Coupon 🙏 Blessings to you & your family, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
Comment from : Dora Chavez

Paula Speak
I got there about 10:30 and there was hardly anyone there. My store was stocked but not tagged but I was able to get an ad with the deals. I maxed out both WW deals the $4.99 gift sets and the gray and pink makeup bags for 9.99 get back an $8.00 ECB both limit 3. Got all the freebies but forgot my gum dang it! Other than that everything went really smooth thanks to your printable and stop and watch live. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Comment from : Paula Speak

Thank you! You make it easy for me to get great deals. Love the written/printable deal/scenario lists that you provide for us. Much appreciated!
Comment from : Steph

SharonPevahouse Our frugal life
Wow 🤩
Comment from : SharonPevahouse Our frugal life

I'm out of town with family so I went in blind never went to this cvs. They were so helpful and everything went so smooth!
Comment from : checkieownsyou

Carmen Bravo Jiménez
Yes the cvs liners o pads cupon works for me
Comment from : Carmen Bravo Jiménez

This was my best haul yet I've been planning for it for months saving all my moneymaker ecb for now. I got over 100 worth of items for no cash oop used a cash card to cover the tax and cashed out the cash card for $3! So I left with all of my items plus over 60 in ecb and 3 dollars cash!
Comment from : checkieownsyou

The FloMingGal
Thanks for another great haul video & Happy Thanksgiving too.
Comment from : The FloMingGal

Hanh Tran
Yes Luellen! The CVS liners in app q reduced down from $1 to $.99. I was really happy everything was in stock. I was glad to use $10/$50 and $4/$20 to lower my oop. Happy Thanksgiving 🍽🍁🦃 again!
Comment from : Hanh Tran

Super excited. Did the coffee deal. Got 1 McCafe , 1 Gevalia had no coupons except the $2 coffee CRT but I got back 1000 points for McCafe and 3500 points for Gevalia from Fetch
Comment from : ItsNickb

Today I'm thankful to have your channel as a guide! It's been one year since I started shopping at CVS and I look forward to donating a majority of my stock this week. I decided to get CVS deals in early at a 24-hr store so I can enjoy my day off. Physicians Formula lip set, and $9.99/4.99 WetnWild sets were a separate transaction and free (via Beauty Club) with a 20% off Purchase CRT!
Comment from : GretchArmstrong

Mayra Garcia
I got most of the items I wanted except the big wet n wild sets my store was out. And my instant coupons for colgate and Palmolive dish soap didn’t print so I didn’t get those
Comment from : Mayra Garcia

Shandelle Henson
I thought it started tomorrow😨 thanks for making this video😁
Comment from : Shandelle Henson

Lauren Woodside
For the McCafé, I had a $3 of $10 food and beverage CRT print this morning so with the $6 ECB and the $1 off coupons I got 2 of them for $1!
Comment from : Lauren Woodside

Hi Luellen😊 HAPPY Thanksgiving to you and the family . Great haul💕💕
Comment from : Lovely

Nataly Garcia
The app only for the liners came off perfect got two of them for free !
Comment from : Nataly Garcia

karen jones
hi, luellen! i hope your day was a wonderful one yesterday with family. we are so thankful to have you leading us. love ya! ~k
Comment from : karen jones

What is a CRT? And how do you get it?
Comment from : SharonAcord

Samantha Rohaus
My store had everything in stock that I wanted and since I was getting a few non black Friday sale deals I was using a $12/$60. At checkout it wouldn't work, I couldn't understand why (my last three checkouts have had stuff not ring properly so it's frustrating.) When I got home I noticed I didn't get my $10 for the NYX lippies. Realized one fell out of my basket while I was walking around so it messed up my whole perfectly planned cart. Ugh!!
Comment from : Samantha Rohaus

Anna Stachulak
Happy thanksgiving! I did the 1 digital on the cvs pantiliners and it worked! I also wanted to say I’m so thankful this thanksgiving for you and your videos. They have helped me, my family, my parents, my in laws all save tons of money! Thank you for everything you do to keep us updated and let us take your knowledge and apply it to our lives. Thank you thank you 🙏 💜
Comment from : Anna Stachulak

Jennifer Gongora
Comment from : Jennifer Gongora

Natasha Early
Great savings! Happy Thanksgiving!
Comment from : Natasha Early

Becky Hauk
I think that cvs lied about the wet n wild cosmetic sets lol. I swear not one of the stores in my town had the larger one.

Thank you so much for all you do for us!!

Comment from : Becky Hauk

bertha alicia
Got my k-cups for .25 cents !!! Yesss!
Comment from : bertha alicia

So Nya
I grabbed one Gevalia and one McCafe then redeemed both on Fetch for $2.50 in points. Great Deal! Also, the digital coupon for the panty liners did come off on my transaction, it shows $1 off CVS Health Femin on the receipt. So Happy with my CVS deals today!
Comment from : So Nya

Crazy Deals and Steals
I had HUGE issues at cvs!! CRT’s not coming off (I’m owed over $8, AND digital manufacturer coupons that were clipped to my account!!) my cashier also didn’t know the difference between a manufacturer coupon and a crt lol so she wasn’t able to assist with much at all. I’m gonna have to call cvs customer service which is no fun either. Happy thanksgiving everyone! ❤️
Comment from : Crazy Deals and Steals

Joni Rondeau
I used the liner app coupon and it worked fine.
Comment from : Joni Rondeau

Liliana Merida
I made a big mistake on the conair and the charming paper nothing was tagged at my store so I had to work with it I was kind of a hurry so I didn't noticed the prices I'm not mad sometimes it happened I pay like $44 out of pocket but got back $47 back so I guess it's good overall happy thanksgiving everyone
Comment from : Liliana Merida

Dawn Perez
Great haul! Have a blessed day!
Comment from : Dawn Perez

Kim Christensen
Happy Thanksgiving, Luellen 💐 I talked to a lady in CVS for a while, a fellow couponer! She hasn't been couponing for a few years due to her husband's health. She said she was sooooo grateful for her stockpile!
I went to Starbucks today and both doggies got a puppacino!!

Comment from : Kim Christensen

Thank you, Luellen! You are truly a blessing. I’m so glad I found your channel ❤️💕
Comment from : Talk NERDY To Me ASMR

Nina Dabaghi
I got the McCafe 12 ct k-cups and was charged full price for both and noticed I didn’t get the $6 extra bucks. I was wondering why my oop was so high. :/
Comment from : Nina Dabaghi

JoAnna Reppucci
Happy Thanksgiving Luellen 🦃
Comment from : JoAnna Reppucci

Ana Flores
Can’t wait for Black Friday at Walmart and Kohl’s
Comment from : Ana Flores

Jane-Chavis Tumlin
Happy thanksgiving! Happy shopping 😀
Comment from : Jane-Chavis Tumlin

Jo Coffee
First 🙌🏽
Comment from : Jo Coffee

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