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big bud
I live in Minnesota. By several dollar generals. One in Ely MN, Virginia MN, Aurora MN and Cook MN. Can someone tell me if any of these are NCI stores?
Comment from : big bud

Central Florida dollar General.......one Marketplace store......the rest trashy.
Comment from : Fullheart5

Connie Harris
Dang I’m curious what store your in cause it literally looks like the one I work at 😂😂
Comment from : Connie Harris

Susan Murtha
Thank you, found 2 stores near me!
Comment from : Susan Murtha

Stephanie Cobb
That's a nice store.. Atlanta, Ga help me can't find anything here like that..
Comment from : Stephanie Cobb

NCI store in Milton Florida on 87 south
Comment from : christaprice30

Zayra Quiroz Reyes
They opened one today in my town and it’s a nci :(
Comment from : Zayra Quiroz Reyes

Im still unsure about my DG
Comment from : jclawser82

Goglin Coupons
Holy crap! Literally the one i shop at all the time is an NCI store.😮
Comment from : Goglin Coupons

Rosario Escobar
Dollar General store?? In Southern Calif?? Probably not .. home goods 🤷
Comment from : Rosario Escobar

k frye
That store looks like entering ross
Comment from : k frye

Advice Seeker
Would you please tell me what,
Fr End ck (2L) means?

Comment from : Advice Seeker

Diana McGuigan
I wish the ones around me looked as neat & tidy as yours. I hate going to the DGs around me, they’re trashy and so much stuff on the floors you can’t walk down half the isles. No matter what time of day I’ve gone in, it looks like a tornado & earthquake hit at the same time.
Comment from : Diana McGuigan

Sherry Trainor
Who Knew??? I looked and I have one in my area, far away but going to visit.
Comment from : Sherry Trainor

Carolina Vasquez
Thank you for that info 🤩
Comment from : Carolina Vasquez

I work at one of these
Comment from : Nero

Emily Hubbard
Are there any in Mississippi?
Comment from : Emily Hubbard

I love Dollar General good place to go if you're into the farmhouse look, I did my entire kitchen and bathroom with Dollar General farmhouse decor.
Comment from : LA TEJANA

Grandma Cares
Thank you for the tour.👍🙂
Comment from : Grandma Cares

Brandy Reynolds
Are you at my store?!?! Jk I know they all look the same. Well, all the nci stores do, at least.😆
Comment from : Brandy Reynolds

I don't know where you all live, but Phoenix is a Dollar General wasteland! We have several stores but the are not so good, at least in my area. Maybe some day.
Comment from : Diedra STEVENSON

Three Rasmusson
Thank you. That really helps. 😁
Comment from : Three Rasmusson

Miss Muggwamp
The DG at Randol Mill and Fielder (Arlington) told me they were a home/nci store.
Comment from : Miss Muggwamp

Jade K
WOW, this is so neat‼️I’ve never seen one of these yet☹️Thanks for the “heads-up”😍We really appreciate you🙏
Comment from : Jade K

Christal Alley
Totally off subject...but have you happened to hear when Michael’s will be having their grab bags again?
Comment from : Christal Alley

Angela Shortall
all these little store are the ony thing i envy about america.
Comment from : Angela Shortall

Maria Morales
I have not seen a store like this there's one that dont carry clothing but dont have that small shelf.
Comment from : Maria Morales

Garden Warrior
That high pitched sound makes it hard to watch.
Comment from : Garden Warrior

Joanie Guerra
I just drove by one in my area in Las Vegas and it’s called “ Dollar General Marketplace”
Comment from : Joanie Guerra

Teffy Poki
Thank you LOVE your videos 😘😘😘
Comment from : Teffy Poki

Lady Firefly
Thanks Freebie Guy, for explaining what an nci store is.
Comment from : Lady Firefly

Yovani Orellana
I have two of these in my city...so much different
Comment from : Yovani Orellana

N J Howell
Awesome! I finally understand how to recognize an NCI store. Thank you!
Comment from : N J Howell

Laurie Christ
The closest one to me is 50 miles away.😥 looks like road trip.
Comment from : Laurie Christ

So is there a penny list this week
Comment from : djsweetnlow2003

GiGi Baird_Fam
Thank you for making it clearer understanding
Comment from : GiGi Baird_Fam

Betty Alaniz
Thanks for the video and very informative.
Comment from : Betty Alaniz

Kathy Cortez
I have one 5 minutes from my house I love it I don’t care about there clothes anyway tyfs
Comment from : Kathy Cortez

pbear 2018
Do nci stores have clothing? I have a store that has some of these decorative items and no clothing.
Comment from : pbear 2018

Mary Warner
Do they have the same sales or different?
Comment from : Mary Warner

Mine is just like that but it also has more food. Fresh fruit, veggies and lots of frozen and refrigerated foods. Like a mini supermarket. Love it!
Comment from : SimplyVicky

Janet Curtis
We are not even listed as a store but we just remodeled! Go figure!
Comment from : Janet Curtis

Thank you soo much for your videos!!😊 On a side note! 👀 was i the only one who seen a green dot on the Lanterns?!👀👀
Comment from : marie_luv2216

Sindy Garza
Love Your videos!!!
Comment from : Sindy Garza

South Dartmouth Massachusetts is an NCI Store
Comment from : razz02748

Raka Mas
Thank you 👍😄 We have a New Store,I haven't been there yet but I've heard that it may be a home store. Yours reminds me of Gordmans w the home decor...but I bet the prices are better.👍
Comment from : Raka Mas

momma Bates
I clicked the list. There isn't one near me and it says on the list There is but I looked and there is no dollar store anywhere around.
Comment from : momma Bates

Michelle Grooms
Always love your videos? I always love to see what you get at your dollar general store? We have about 6 dollar general store in Franklin NC where I live? I love to go to Dollar general store and shop when I can? You have helped me save alot? Your the man? No one else has done it? But we know you can? Make amazing videos? Thanks for all you do for us and your YouTube family?
Comment from : Michelle Grooms

Sherri Kaiser
The store locator wouldn’t work. No matter what zip code or perimeters I put in...
Comment from : Sherri Kaiser

Shellina Webster
Hey Kendall thank you for sharing my question is is how do we find the NCI stores like how do we know if we want to go to one can we type in navigation or Google it and see I Dollar General stores mean where do I actually find out where one of those stores are closest to me hopefully I didn't just confuse you I think I confuse myself LOL
Comment from : Shellina Webster

Susan Eubanks
Comment from : Susan Eubanks

Susan Eubanks
Thank you just got our first NCI store
Comment from : Susan Eubanks

Dawn McMannis
Love love love your videos I've learned so much from you so I live in Sebring fl. Can you see if I have a NCI near me plz
Comment from : Dawn McMannis

Hmm... The manager at our newly modeled store called the NCI store non-core inventory. I'll stick with the acronym or home store. Lol
Comment from : meversace

nieves palomino
Hi !!!
Comment from : nieves palomino

Love your videos! I've saved so much at Walmart because of you! Thank you!!!
Comment from : DeyO

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