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Learn English Lab
A clarification about the word singer: that sound in "singer" is neither an "n" nor a "g". It's a separate phonetic entity - /ŋ/ - the same "ng" sound as in "ring". My aim in this video was to contrast it with "finger" in which there is both a /ŋ/ (ng) sound and a "g" sound. Many ESL learners say "singer" like "finger". Compare:
Finger - /ˈfɪŋ.ɡər/ - both /ŋ/ and /g/ are enunciated. Listen here: www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/finger
Singer - /ˈsɪŋ.ər/ - only /ŋ/ is enunciated (there is no /g/ sound). Listen here: www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/singer

Comment from : Learn English Lab

Rahul Anurage
Sir is there something that may be used to check the pronunciation of any word.
Comment from : Rahul Anurage

Sanyuktta Karran
You are superub
Comment from : Sanyuktta Karran

Muhammed Askar
Thank for your pronunciation lesson
Comment from : Muhammed Askar

the man
Really helpful!!!
Comment from : the man

Nimai Bhoi
I enjoyed a lot
Comment from : Nimai Bhoi

Victoria Manokhina
I hear a lot of Americans say "exetera" 🙈
Comment from : Victoria Manokhina

I use a cross breed of Canadian-quebecer english. Makes sense only to us
Comment from : MrMarcodarko

Judith Espore
greetings to all i'm judith your new classmate


Comment from : Judith Espore

HaamedpashaSiddiqui Habibi
Thank you
Comment from : HaamedpashaSiddiqui Habibi

9:44 I use to say the right way of saying Wednesday before i saw how people wrote it but after i saw the spelling i say Wed-nes-day not wensday. Same thing here with Island. I use to say i-land but now I say IS-land.
Comment from : BilliesLostAvocados

benisha benisha
Thankyou sir. Your videos are making me soo thirsty to learn more..
Comment from : benisha benisha

swati mishra
Thank you sir make this video ❤️ thanks allot.
Comment from : swati mishra

Shabana Khan
Very good video thanks👍
Is that possible when you finish correction in your video then
Keep all repeat just correct without explanation.
We wants to listen in last other video which has all same correct 50 sounds pronouncing that
just to keep in our mind in without details.🤗

Comment from : Shabana Khan

कशयप defaulter
More video also please....
Comment from : कशयप defaulter

global peace
Thanks so much
Comment from : global peace

Marcus Dahman
Magnificent lessons ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Marcus Dahman

Rajkoushik NKT
Really loved your video. Learned lot of correct pronunciations. Thank you very much.
Comment from : Rajkoushik NKT

Rajkumar Chauhan
I have lots of problems in pronunciation. Sir plz tell me how to work on it
Comment from : Rajkumar Chauhan

Just indian
Sir pls tell me how to contact you for classes???
Comment from : Just indian

Stellar Affair
Wonderful you are Sir, your videos are are so well made and equally helpful😇
Comment from : Stellar Affair

debt, singer, buried, clothes, mischievous, tuition, zoology, develop, jewelry, quotes, parentheses (plural), elite, epitome, infamous were all new to me
Comment from : geovelomega

Sathyakama Sharma
You have omitted one word that is a very common one. That is 'one' itself! Most Indians assume it is 'o' followed by 'n'!
Comment from : Sathyakama Sharma

Sada Hasan
Comment from : Sada Hasan

Sangeeta Devi
Sir what is the correct pronunciation of thank you.
Comment from : Sangeeta Devi

Tony G mw
(13) Suite = Sweet🙆‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️😢😢
Comment from : Tony G mw

Jimmy Yang
Thumb up for this vid.
Comment from : Jimmy Yang

Rizwan Ali
i know how to pronounce most of these words but whenever i speak English i forget the right pronunciation
Comment from : Rizwan Ali

Chinmay R
My whole life was a lie
Comment from : Chinmay R

Satish P
Oh God I don't pronounce even a single word correctly 🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Satish P

Assume video!!
Comment from : DannyCurvez

Vijay Kethana
Which one is correct "if it wasn't for you or if it weren't for you"?
Comment from : Vijay Kethana

Gathrin jja
Sir could u explain the proper pronanciation of situation?
Comment from : Gathrin jja

Rajwinder Kaur
I often speak wrongly many of these words😒😒 but now I learned more Nd more thanking you sir
Comment from : Rajwinder Kaur

Benjamin Aw Yong
I pronounced Zu lor gee but yeah. Zo O lor gee sounds cooler
Comment from : Benjamin Aw Yong

I have heard so many people to pronounce the word 'deteriorate' much like 'detoriate' ⚠
Comment from : Arijit

Iron Man
wow i misppeled them wrong
Comment from : Iron Man

perfect ,))
Comment from : S G

Divine Retreats- Yoga & Meditation Gurgaon
Subscribed the channel
This is the kind of mentor I was looking for🙏❤️

Comment from : Divine Retreats- Yoga & Meditation Gurgaon

John Pollock
I was taught at school that Antarctic was pronounced Antartic. Maybe it has changed since 1960.
Comment from : John Pollock

Jacobo Romo
- Thank you very much, Teacher- I am from Mexico and it is very true what you say about the pronunciation.
Although Mexico is a country in the North America continent, it shows pronunciation is wrong even when our English is advanced. This information is very helpful ᵔᴥᵔ

Comment from : Jacobo Romo

Raphy N.J.
Comment from : Raphy N.J.

sir ur english 🤯
Comment from : D- JAL

Zainab Fatima
Legittt bruhhhh... Excellent explanation... 👍
Comment from : Zainab Fatima

very good information, education

Marii Abdeljaoued
Hi there I need help with the correct pronunciation of the proper name: Vijay Bhatia (Indian Linguist) thanks.
Comment from : Marii Abdeljaoued

Vita Olsen
Спасибо огромное! Медленно, с проработкой всех звуков, то, что очень не хватало!
Comment from : Vita Olsen

max plan
Sir, I saw your most of ielts video........ thiz really help us exceptionally

.respect from Bangladesh.

Comment from : max plan

You have better English than my English teacher
Comment from : 4ubhushan

Our teachers have no idea about this
Comment from : 4ubhushan

I like it.
Comment from : 4ubhushan

Bond servant
You are the best!!!
Comment from : Bond servant

Prakash Heda
Love you man.... awesome job
Comment from : Prakash Heda

Naseer Unnisa
Too good!!!
Comment from : Naseer Unnisa

Giovanni Cismondi
As usual your lesson is very helpful. Great. Oh... pizza is correct (I'm Italian ;-)
Comment from : Giovanni Cismondi

Shamil Francis
Very informative. Thank you
Comment from : Shamil Francis

Nitin sharma
Great learning sir ..
Comment from : Nitin sharma

Nona Fullas
What's the meaning of tuition, please?
Comment from : Nona Fullas

i'm kinda insecure about my skills on speaking English so i happened to end up here
Comment from : DAFDED

Subojit Biswaa
Sir , Are you an Indian
Comment from : Subojit Biswaa

Sandra Francis
So good to know. Just goes to show even we native English speakers have a lot to learn. Thank you!
Comment from : Sandra Francis

Sir please do provide videos for gmat verbal preparation
Comment from : QURIOUS

Maqyko Awesome
Helps me a lot bro, thankyou
Comment from : Maqyko Awesome

Asad Aziz
loved your lesson dear
Comment from : Asad Aziz

Sihi Gombe
Great pronunciation sir..
Comment from : Sihi Gombe

Hooman of my cat
Great pronunciation sir!!!!am already impressed and m gonna watch the rest of ur videos as well...i liked the wayu linked the words like narrating a story,that was awesome...thank you so much!m so proud of u as an Indian😎
Comment from : Hooman of my cat

Sonia Yousuf
Kudos for fantastic explanation
Comment from : Sonia Yousuf

dhavesh ps
Wow...i got this...i need to ameliorate myself.
Comment from : dhavesh ps

You are actually doing a service..this might help half of the world population..great sir❤️👍
Comment from : deepaknair_unplugged

Riz Qureshi
Please inform about word " Onion"
Comment from : Riz Qureshi

Shinoj Malayathodi
@Learn English Lab: Is it British English or American English?
Comment from : Shinoj Malayathodi

Magudapathi Swaminathan
This is awesome ! I learnt a lot through this video and realized that I am mispronouncing many words. Please make it as a series of videos on this topic. It would be extremely helpful for ppl like me.
Comment from : Magudapathi Swaminathan

Alisha Angel
Sir pls answer my question....

Why do English language have silent words??? What's it mean ? If it's silent, better to remove that letter ..... Specially words like PSYCHOLOGY, KNIGHT, KNEE etc

Comment from : Alisha Angel

Mathai Chacko
Now several people have to correct what they have been saying for so long.swallowing some sounds already there, adding some which are not. But one relevant question, if you don't want to pronounce a letter why do you write it.
Comment from : Mathai Chacko

Cricket Highlights
Hats off for keeping that COMB in your pocket for 9 min.
Comment from : Cricket Highlights

Rezaul Karim
really nice
Comment from : Rezaul Karim

Very useful! Would be perfect if you could pronounce each word twice or three times for the echo method. Thanks!!
Comment from : VC

Andy Hu
This is so awesome! Thank you so much!
Comment from : Andy Hu

Deepak Jog
English is always a phunny language.
Comment from : Deepak Jog

Mahendra Dakhare
thank you sir for this
can i get its soft copy , so i can get it into my schedule to revise & use it. if possible ti you

Comment from : Mahendra Dakhare

Prionta Chakraborty
A teacher like you is must needed in every school, college and university ❤
Comment from : Prionta Chakraborty

Rubul Das
Maja aa gaya bhai sahab
Comment from : Rubul Das

Kevin Marcos Masanvu
As a Portuguese native,im completely mesmerised ,I still got a lot to learn.
Comment from : Kevin Marcos Masanvu

Jalal Boukhriss
Really helpful video.
Comment from : Jalal Boukhriss

Michelle Machado
In my second language, writing is so consistent you can hear anything for the first time and know how to write it. English is so mean =_=
Comment from : Michelle Machado

Omaar Channel
Thanks teacher how to correct for us
Comment from : Omaar Channel

Vandana Dayal
Who was pronouncing while watching 😁😁
Comment from : Vandana Dayal

Juan Pyro
Great video! Your teaching style is very good too
Thanks for uploading.

Comment from : Juan Pyro

Great video !!!
Comment from : Claudia

Alma Cortes
I want to be fluent in English accent sir...thank you I have learned alot from you🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤
Comment from : Alma Cortes

Hazel Gregorio
Youre so amazing even my teacher don't know that
Comment from : Hazel Gregorio

Hank Almandinger
I had no idea that saying interesting was wrong and that it was pronounced intresting!
Comment from : Hank Almandinger

Marron Noisette
This is a big help. Nice video! Keep it up 👍🏻
Comment from : Marron Noisette

Benedict Okeke
How do I pronounce combing, bombing; should I omit the b too?
Comment from : Benedict Okeke

Julian Gallego
Thank you very much, you are one of the best teachers on youtube.
Comment from : Julian Gallego

navneet kishore
Can anyone tell he is from which country?
Comment from : navneet kishore

ved sharma
Very Helpful
Comment from : ved sharma

Jeff C.
I just realized that my prononciation on many words are wrong, thank you for correcting me.
Comment from : Jeff C.

newac4534 ROBLOX
My teacher said it wrongXD
Comment from : newac4534 ROBLOX

Premdeep Godara
Finally I have learned to pronounce pronunciation.. no noun right 😀
Comment from : Premdeep Godara

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