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The Penn
I get so motheruckxong GODDAMN PISSED when I bitch says Qayewpon in my goddann fucking drive thru
Comment from : The Penn

Both coo and cyu are correct. Some of you posters are equating spelling with pronunciation. Not all words are pronounced as they are spelled. That is not a valid argument. The only argument to make is that language and pronunciation are regional.
Comment from : Mandycat1969

Rowan Hawthorne
Qpon..... Nope... It's kupon
Comment from : Rowan Hawthorne

Stevie Leigh
That is not how you say it!....lmao its pronounced coupon like koo paan. Not Q pon
Comment from : Stevie Leigh

Myname Here
Thanks for this!
This woman from "up north" I work with keeps telling me I'm WRONG when I say coupon (CUE pon).
She keeps telling me I'm wrong, and it's 'COO pon' !!!

Comment from : Myname Here

Scott Prian
For dinner today, I had a bowl of syoup.
Comment from : Scott Prian

Both are acceptable. 57% of people in the U.S. say “cue-pon.” allthingsd.com/20111106/a-nation-divided-on-how-to-say-the-word-coupon/
Comment from : Makanilaki

Kevin Patrick
Comment from : Kevin Patrick

Lex 7
Comment from : Lex 7

Skylar Grabner
Why he sound like he is crying while making this recording tho? Lol
Comment from : Skylar Grabner

Jeff Edwards
The historically accurate pronunciation has always been, "Koo-Pon". Sorry but accepting of the incorrect manner is just plain lazy.
Comment from : Jeff Edwards

Cathy Kimbrough
I recently had that conversation with someone. I discovered that the POINT was to determine whether I could retrieve one from my cell phone in order for me to get a discount on an item. Both of us knew the ESSENCE of the conversation.
Comment from : Cathy Kimbrough

Kenny Tee
WHERE IS THE Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Kenny Tee

Karl Speth
Wrong. COO-pon.
Comment from : Karl Speth

romel andoy
Comment from : romel andoy

Hur Dur
Comment from : Hur Dur

Jan Bee
She's my little deuce CUPE, you don't know what I got....lol.
Comment from : Jan Bee

Min Rei
Is this the guy from Nightvale?
Comment from : Min Rei

Bee Waifu
Incorrect. There's nothing within the word allowing the curving of the U.
Comment from : Bee Waifu

Pablito The Gringo
Say "SOUP"
Comment from : Pablito The Gringo

Elysé Arndt
Comment from : Elysé Arndt

Cassie ;-;
COU-PON IS LEGIT SPELLED COO (COU) PON!! I mean, COU (IS) coopon! (If any of that made sense)
Comment from : Cassie ;-;

Sweety Bell
People need to understand that "q"pon is the proper pronounciation in America, though half of Americans think it's "coo"pon. In Europe it's pronounced "coo"pon. Since the video is teaching the American pronounciation, the video is correct. It is "q"pon.
Comment from : Sweety Bell

Dan Hull
Comment from : Dan Hull

Ryan Butler
Actually shut down your channel it shouldn't exist
Comment from : Ryan Butler

so Soup is pronounced Sewp? Q-pon..go fuck yourself
Comment from : Rawr5649

yes!!! that is how you say it! I have this argument all the time! I win!!
Comment from : 8Dollface8

Let me guess, you also pronounce "gas" as "gey-us".
Comment from : MJDHX

omae wa mou shindeiru
the o is silence
Comment from : omae wa mou shindeiru

firstname lastname
Comment from : firstname lastname

In the south we say Qpon well in Alabama we do lmao.
Comment from : Briana

Zoo Bee Zoo
this video is so correct #thanks
Comment from : Zoo Bee Zoo

Nicki Minaj
I'm crying at the dislikes lmaooo
Comment from : Nicki Minaj

Lori Toth
a 2 door car is a coupe, not a kyoop! why is the $1.00 certificate a Q-pon?!
Comment from : Lori Toth

Tom Perry
The video above is incorrect.

​ US How to pronounce coupon in American English
​ UK How to pronounce coupon in British English

Comment from : Tom Perry

Brooklyne Anderson
Comment from : Brooklyne Anderson

Vince Shumate
I'll never use this site for a pronunciation again after you screwed this one up.
Comment from : Vince Shumate

Christa Nova
LMAO. I won an argument... but then I read the comments and lost the argument. Damn.
Comment from : Christa Nova

Rood Nverse
Its not koo-pon , unless you are black then it is.
Comment from : Rood Nverse

Kevin Ruan
Comment from : Kevin Ruan

Dannie Spokes
Comment from : Dannie Spokes

Mario Green
Comment from : Mario Green

Ferris Beaguile
Merriam Webster and Cambridge says you are wrong!

Comment from : Ferris Beaguile

Ferris Beaguile
When people pronounce coupon as Q-pon. No! If it was meant to be said the way it would have been spelled cuepon. It COUpon like the word beauCOUp. It's certainly not merci beau-Q.
Comment from : Ferris Beaguile

John Hall
hahaha your all wrong it's tampon.
Comment from : John Hall

John Hall
there is no q why use q? you anger me.
Comment from : John Hall

leslie Mendoza
Make up your mind koo or Q pon lol im leaving the same way
Comment from : leslie Mendoza

It's cou pon... not Q pon...
Comment from : Criztaztrophe

WRONG. IDIOT. There is no Q in coupon.
Comment from : siszam

Derivation of the word is French, pronounced KOO-pon. In America and UK countries the standard pronunciation is same. An ALTERNATE pronunciation, origin unknown, is Q-pon.
Comment from : PixieTrailSprite

Awesome!  I say Q-pon!!
Comment from : anubistiger

Its not spelled cuepon its coupon
Comment from : XxboxandmetalX

Ethan Yager
The Oxford US English dictionary also shows both pronunciations.... what are you rambling about?
Comment from : Ethan Yager

Ethan Yager
Kind of nit picky for someone who doesn't capitalize. Still butt-hurt that you're wrong, eh?
Comment from : Ethan Yager

it's "You're" not your. Just making up your own language over there, eh?
Comment from : Rawr5649

and when Youtube is making a video giving it's CORRECT pronunciation, at least they could be responsible and give the correct one.
Comment from : Rawr5649

developed? Ok, I'm just going to start saying words all messed up. Maybe you also think it's ok to say el oh el in real life or be are be. That developed also but it certainly doesn't mean it's right. The dictionary states it's Coo-pon. I'm going to go eat some sewp from chickens I got from the chicken cewp. See what I did? Looks ridiculous doesn't it.
Comment from : Rawr5649

Ethan Yager
Merriam-Webster shows both pronunciations as valid. Also, dictionary com shows both as valid. Looks like your wrong...
Comment from : Ethan Yager

Ethan Yager
So? Thats how it developed. It's unique in that way, and perfectly acceptable in modern US English.
Comment from : Ethan Yager

Please, tell me another word in the English language that starts with 1 consonant, followed by a OU that rhymes with the letter Q. 1....do it....
Comment from : Rawr5649

those words start with a CU! Not a CO! Come on man.
Comment from : Rawr5649

it's not, you were right
Comment from : Rawr5649

It's NOT Q-Pon, it's COO-Pon, even in the fucking dictionary. Do you say Sewp? Or Chicken Cewp? NO!
Comment from : Rawr5649

J Arndt
If your video had you saying this word incorrectly one more time i think i would find you and perform a coup de grâce on you.
Comment from : J Arndt

Ethan Yager
To all of you saying it's wrong... The sound developed with the pronunciation of words like curious, cute, and cupid... It is acceptable to pronounce it as a q, or "koo".
Comment from : Ethan Yager

Comment from : Lizzie_Living_Dead_Girl

Damien Jäger
No! There's no damn Q in COUPON! Tell me where the kyoo sound is? You people are confusing the foeigners!
Comment from : Damien Jäger

John Nichols
This is wrong....
Comment from : John Nichols

Comment from : WallHall

Olivia Garza
this guy sounds like Spiderman from the Amazing Spiderman
Comment from : Olivia Garza

Sev Rep
kyou-pon cue-pon
Comment from : Sev Rep

Brandon Dusk
KOO Pon...
Comment from : Brandon Dusk

Comment from : Fizzlesticks

Dictionary says it's Koo-Pon sooo i'll stick to that
Comment from : dizzymisslizzie9

I could give a cueple of reasons, through song with a cue stick guitar, why this seems so odd to say when sipping syewp while wearing a tyewpee. I kind of flew the quep with that one.
Comment from : utsudoshi

koo, not kew
Comment from : Lugitaro

Dimitri Karkof
Comment from : Dimitri Karkof

Allison Tomiko
both of the pronunciations are correct....it just depends on where you are from........ >___<
Comment from : Allison Tomiko

Que-pawn? More like Koop-on in my State!
Comment from : mzzzhedison

Charlie Williams
Coopon not Quepon..
Comment from : Charlie Williams

wtf is que-pon? It's Koop-on.
Comment from : Jonny123898

koo pon
Comment from : zji

@randomgalore Nope! ,I speak the King's English.
Comment from : Actionguy1

@Actionguy1 or maybe you do!
Comment from : randomgalore

Comment from : Adam27X

@WordGuide Sorry, but it is the correct pronunciatin. You just live in a part of the country where no one knows how to say it properly.
Comment from : Actionguy1

Congratulatory Kiwi bird :3
Comment from : Congratulatory Kiwi bird :3

This is an incorrect pronunciation of the word coupon.
Comment from : WordGuide

This one's definitely wrong. Multiple dictionaries all point to "koo pon" as the preferred pronunciation in English (and most definitely not "kyoo" for its French origin).
Comment from : Latentius

I will gladly disagree with this one
Comment from : Curttehmurt

Comment from : luketheduke1993

Felipe Pinho
kill pon
Comment from : Felipe Pinho

COO pon, not QUEUE pon.
Comment from : macarion

@vindicated198 The correct American pronunciation is correct in America.
Comment from : macarion

Are you sure it is not "coupins"? Thank you Ron White :)
Comment from : Runtripfall

@vindicated198 That's why it says "Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the term," silly.
Comment from : DarkPieman

Q porn.
Comment from : DarkPieman

He's right, you know.
Comment from : IJethrobot

@vindicated198 "Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the term for a discount voucher." Pretty sure this was made for American English.
Comment from : Booters

Danny Galnis
he speaks truth!
Comment from : Danny Galnis

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