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English with Lucy
REPRESENT YOUR LANGUAGE and contribute subtitle translations here: www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=th9Kd7b2PtM&ref=share
Comment from : English with Lucy

Is it just me or I thought there were gonna be words like 'Otorhinolaryngologist' and not something like 'fruit' 😑
Comment from : HeLLRaiser

Jun Tang
you are so hot, please date with me.
Comment from : Jun Tang

Sushi Rolls
Bruh no one says fruit like fruiiiittt
Comment from : Sushi Rolls

Ngọc Hân Huỳnh
I cant take off my eyes to your beauty :333
Comment from : Ngọc Hân Huỳnh

Ankit Saurabh
I pronounce every word correctly 😎
Comment from : Ankit Saurabh

Cristia Serrano Diaz
I've been a teacher for almost 10 years and hardly anybody would say correctly 'comfortable' or 'chocolate' no matter how hard I tried
Comment from : Cristia Serrano Diaz

Seventh Revenge
The way englishmen pronounce chocolate is similar to the way pronounce it (correctly) in bahasa (Indonesia), spelled "coklat".
Comment from : Seventh Revenge

Chaos isn't a pit.
Chaos is a ladder.

Comment from : Duracell867

Mark William
Wow, I just learned my mistakes from mispronouncing these words. Thanks my tutor, you're great.
Comment from : Mark William

Kiara Rodriguez
Hi good lessson. But i just want to recommend u sth . I would Like u explaine the words because there're a lot of words that i've never see in my life.
Comment from : Kiara Rodriguez

Jamey Leanne Cooper
I don’t know why I’m watching this I know how to pronounce these words
Comment from : Jamey Leanne Cooper

Tech Bangla Agro & Etc
that is real
Comment from : Tech Bangla Agro & Etc

TONTA, como que welcome back si nunca antes vi tu canal
Comment from : Gasspper

Nihmet Tahr
Well done! I noticed one thing while watching your videos and I'm not understanding why people give you a lot of dislikes!!
Comment from : Nihmet Tahr

Spencer Ocena
Philippines:This is a child's guide on how to pronounce a word.
Comment from : Spencer Ocena

Siva sai Kumar
U r beautiful i dont have teacher like u
Comment from : Siva sai Kumar

marilena antunes
I'd Love to have her as my girlfriend or a friend.
Comment from : marilena antunes

Miss Army
All of these words were actually pretty easy
I knew how to pronounce all of them correctly

Comment from : Miss Army

Yara mayawho
When you're already now how these words are pronounced but you still watch it 'cause you wanna have a British accent
Comment from : Yara mayawho

Your boney fruit , peace door ball.
Comment from : wolfenspy

I am afraid I'm not pronouncing any of this wrong. But I imagine this is for people where English is there 2nd language
Comment from : GeraldTheLlama

Asih Wee
Thank you Lucy. I learn something today.


Comment from : Asih Wee

Dharshini V
I pronounce all these words correctly🙆‍♀️🤗 who else is there
Comment from : Dharshini V

Ruhani Ruhani
Comment from : Ruhani Ruhani

jcris risare
I want her to be my private english teacher so bad,
Comment from : jcris risare

nippon bala
Basically who we are living in Asia our english pronunciation is so bad.
Comment from : nippon bala

I made a mistake crossing the event horizon and falling into this stupid black hole site. Since I am here I must ask do you speak any languages other than British? No? Damn! What about German? You’re Anglo Saxon right? You should be able to speak some German at least. Half of the royal family is German. I would love to hear. No? What about Italian? I wanna hear you say vaffanculo.
Comment from : Trocourt

Yak Dude
Me: Why do you pronounce Wednesday like, wensday?
Friend: Because we just do.
Me: Man English is weird.
English: ):

Comment from : Yak Dude

M.A Khusboo
We know 😒
Comment from : M.A Khusboo

I got it all right. English is my 2nd language. I'm from the Philippines 🇵🇭
Comment from : Dane VEVO

Edo Rios
What cheap
Comment from : Edo Rios

Navaid Arif
158k likes amazing
Comment from : Navaid Arif

I pronounce chocolate as:

Comment from : 천사검은

jnk mal
how did I get here while searching for the word "interesting"?
Comment from : jnk mal

Daniel Jr Lee
Comment from : Daniel Jr Lee

Ash Chase
I wish you were my teacher, never would of missed a Class 😍
Comment from : Ash Chase

I am a non native speaker and I think I got 9/10 right.🤔
Comment from : anijanka

db db
English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Comment from : db db

Åce The Åłien
English is my native language, why am I here?
Comment from : Åce The Åłien

Øzzy Armstrong
Idk why I’m here I’m from London 😂.
Comment from : Øzzy Armstrong

Merialyn Pantas
I'm not a native English speaker but I pronounced all the words correctly. I'm a Filipino by the way.
Comment from : Merialyn Pantas

burak şener
this woman is so sweet :)
Comment from : burak şener

Tc Sangtea
Hmeichhe hmeltha tak i ni, that means you are a very pretty lady.
Comment from : Tc Sangtea

Farida Mazouz
I love this video 1000 like
You are pretty

Comment from : Farida Mazouz

Cookie Bootz
Fruit in francais is pronounced like this ---->f-r-u-w-i
Comment from : Cookie Bootz

Let's be honest "Koo-way-way" is a much better way to pronounce queue. I'm doing it this way from now on.
Comment from : MisterHughes

John Guo
I’m Canadian and I pronounced it all right
Comment from : John Guo

3 months after I started speaking British English I went to my doctor for a routine blood check and the results were shocking. My testosterone decreased by 30% whereas my estrogen level increased by 20%. My doctor asked me what changed and I told him that I switched from an American to a British accent. He told me that this is probably the reason. After I switched back to AE, my hormone levels normalized again
Comment from : HyperRefined

Lachlan Buchan
You get a thumbs up for not being a computer
Comment from : Lachlan Buchan

Nusrat Jahan
Oh tnx mam 😂😂 am pronouncing wrong all this year's 😆😆
Comment from : Nusrat Jahan

Magdalena Garbatova
I am lucky to know them all right!
Comment from : Magdalena Garbatova

suneil agrawal
I'M sOrRy iT dIdN't😶

Comment from : suneil agrawal

Arsalan Ahmad
All the Indians would have got it right
Comment from : Arsalan Ahmad

c epi
Squirrel is most difficult pronunciation for me
Comment from : c epi

"fruit" is not a food but it's a snack
Comment from : moasauresYT

Crap GamerDk
how can you say crips when there is an s in crisps smh
Comment from : Crap GamerDk

Alana Higgins
I live in Bedfordshire, UK and I find it annoying that my classmates pronounce things very different to me because I've got a Welsh-Irish accent
Comment from : Alana Higgins

Sub 2 PewDiePie • 8 years ago
I pronounce comfortable as come for table
Comment from : Sub 2 PewDiePie • 8 years ago

nikhil johnson
Indians saying same pronounsation like you
Comment from : nikhil johnson

Adam Clark
Her : Crisps
Me : Krisspesstesss???😟🤓


Comment from : Adam Clark

Mahbub Jubayer
Lena Paul look alike 😂😂
Comment from : Mahbub Jubayer

The best porn video on youtube ever!
Comment from : Hancock

I like her, she is beauty.
Comment from : Hancock

Hit the like if your first thought was "Is she naked?" =))
Comment from : Hancock

sixela keller
i pronounced all these correctly cause i’m American lol
Comment from : sixela keller

Anum Khalid
Thanks dear teacher. I like your lessons.
Comment from : Anum Khalid

Мамуре исматов
You know what I’m Saying❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you
Comment from : Мамуре исматов

Molly Gambiza
You speak so well
Comment from : Molly Gambiza

I pronounce all of them correct just like she did
Comment from : MM SHAAT

Amdadul Haq
Really love you
Comment from : Amdadul Haq

Amdadul Haq
May i talk to you
Comment from : Amdadul Haq

Amdadul Haq
Love you
Comment from : Amdadul Haq

Wrong! It's We-dens-day.
Comment from : Priority76

iostream cute
Comment from : iostream cute

Nognriah Dnh
Yayy im improving alot😌
I pronounced all correctly
All credit goes to you and Aly

Comment from : Nognriah Dnh

Sami Durai
Comment from : Sami Durai

Maam you are so sweet and cute
Comment from : R.K GANG

grande grande
it seems like you're just making excuses in pronouncing the words incorrectly to have this video because no matter how slow witted you are, you'll never say tuwesday (tuesday) and also including all the other words you've mentioned lol
Comment from : grande grande

grande grande
i am pronouncing all of these correctly. not to brag but we do that in Philippines. 💁🏽‍♀️
Comment from : grande grande

actually, chocolate is a nahuatl word and is pronounced sho-kol-at
and chaos as a greek word is pronounced like ka-os or kha-os, where kh is the 'j' sound in spanish

Comment from : M T

Zegebrial Drar
Comment from : Zegebrial Drar

please english people around the world, make an update of your spelling rules to have it consistent. 1 sound 1 letter. Spanish hasn't made updates since the middle ages, but are also in dire need of it, but no where near as you do.

Or even better, unify your pronunciation rules

Comment from : M T

Salah Saidan
Wednesday reminded me of Mr. Novorski ( The Terminal movie) when he was trying to learn English 😂😂
Comment from : Salah Saidan

How do you pronounce pizza? Paizza? 😂😂
Comment from : 50ShadesofPippo

Md. Kader Ali
Learn only 3 words queue Tuesday and Wednesday at this age!!😂😂
Comment from : Md. Kader Ali

Ravi Kumar
We r learning a lot from u maam
Comment from : Ravi Kumar

Karan Ray
You are so cute
Comment from : Karan Ray

"Chocolate" sounds right in native old filipino citizen hahaha i love my grandma haha 💖


Comment from : J U S T I N

Guo Emily
I have to learn it well
Comment from : Guo Emily

Comment from : Zhan CHEN

بسمة أمل
Thank you.
Comment from : بسمة أمل

N Anthony Brown
If she wasnt pretty she wouldnt have any viewers
Comment from : N Anthony Brown

maka mohammed
Iam Arab and I know how to pronounce all of them
Comment from : maka mohammed

danny cast
This lesson is amazing thanks lucy greetings!
Comment from : danny cast

živim za glasbo
The hell? I am from Slovenia (I speak Slovenian) and I pronounce all of these correctly...
Comment from : živim za glasbo

Jasmine Sidhu
English is my third language n I always pronounced these correctly so far
Comment from : Jasmine Sidhu

All the words you've said is pronounced correctly by Filipinos.
Comment from : LORISSE ANDO

Mal McKee
Wednesday can also be pronounced as "Wed-ins-day".
Comment from : Mal McKee

Mal McKee
Comfortable can be pronounced with all four syllables - it's perfectly acceptable. I think it's a slightly dated and more formal pronunciation though. However, it is not pronounced with the stress on the second syllable: com fort able. It is always pronounced with a slight stress on the first syllable: com fortable. Consider including the 'F' as part of the first syllable, like this: comf ortable. Or compf ortable. Or the most common way, as Lucy suggests (phonetically): compf -ter-bill.

All syllables can also be pronounced in vegetables, as well.

Comment from : Mal McKee

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