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Christa Coupons
9 FREEBIES at Walmart NO COUPONS NEEDED youtu.be/OujS9lMLnj0
Comment from : Christa Coupons

Garrett Mincin
This is illegal and I wouldn't recommend you go out and do this. Its theft and you should be charged for it because you know better!
Comment from : Garrett Mincin

Ginger Matthews
Pictures of items would be great
Comment from : Ginger Matthews

How do I watch you videos live??? Not a techy lol
Comment from : NikitaWe7719

Barb Guy
Hi Christie can u tell me how we find a home store ?
Comment from : Barb Guy

Super Silly Sam
Christa can you search for one in Indiana I can't find even 1 in indiana
Comment from : Super Silly Sam

Gina Baker
I’ve learned so much from you! Thank you for all you do! I just downloaded the Fetch with your code, never heard of it until you mentioned it in your Walmart video! :)
Comment from : Gina Baker

Kristy Fayard
Your great but please stop blabbering so much I mean really write a journal we are only here for the basics
Comment from : Kristy Fayard

Carolyn Miller
Christa,,,I love you and your spunky little spirit...although I have no NCI stores, I watched the whole video at 6:17am (my time, in Oklahoma) this morning, just to get in the 'shopping mood'...I wish I had you to go shopping with...I'm not a big shopper at all...well, but at stores anyway,,,factory stores, thrift stores, and I love yard sales and flea markets...I dont mone shopping for loved ones in stores' but not for myself...wish you were there to talk me into splurging on myself ...Merry Christmas Christa!!
Comment from : Carolyn Miller

Elizabeth Culver Edwards
I'm glad you made this because there is an NCI store not too far away from me and I never go there because another one is closer!
Comment from : Elizabeth Culver Edwards

Elements of Style Boutique & Gifts
Comment from : Elements of Style Boutique & Gifts

Sylvia Reyes
Yes please do have a wonderful blessed day love your videos
Comment from : Sylvia Reyes

Kelly Miller
I found a few things this morning :) I only took 5 items because I wanted to leave some for other people, but there was some nice stuff there. Thanks for the info and letting us know about this!
Comment from : Kelly Miller

Silly Mommy 4 Life
I loved using Fetch Reward App thank you for letting me know about it
Comment from : Silly Mommy 4 Life

Dawn Mcdonald
Can you use ibotta and cuponds app on the same ticket
Comment from : Dawn Mcdonald

Sue Boles
Comment from : Sue Boles

Roxie Garrison
Christa- I hope you see this and respond back with a definite answer. So, I just went to DG. The cashier noticed I was scanning and assumed I was looking for penny items. She made the comment and showed me on her phone the "New" policy on penny items. It was employees weren't allowed and customers could only purchase ONE item and cashier has to nicely ask customer to show the cashier where the item was to be removed. Is this true? Did the penny item policy change?
Comment from : Roxie Garrison

Kelly Bryan
yes do a prerecorded video
Comment from : Kelly Bryan

Sara Stone
This is off topic but idk how to get a hold of you other than the comments. Have you heard anything about the COPPA/YouTube ordeal. If not plz check into it. You have until December 10th to mark all of you videos or you could be fined. I love watching you you're a great inspiration and I don't want to miss watching your videos
Comment from : Sara Stone

Courtney Dearborn
There are no home stores near me. Oh man
Comment from : Courtney Dearborn

Sheryl Barron
I have 2 home stores but they do not show up on DG web site.
Comment from : Sheryl Barron

Intrested in visuals
Comment from : heatherypajaro

Monica Tubman
My nearest home store is 46miles away from me 😩😭😂
Comment from : Monica Tubman

Stephanie Reed
First off thank you for all you do! I never get lucky at the dollar general stores, but last night i went to family dollar and purchased some christmas hats for a party and they was a penny! I was like sweet, finally found some and wasn't even trying!! But the lady said that i cant buy them, that she needs to throw them away?! I told her well that sucks. She said sorry and i left (blah blah).. so my question is.. does family dollar have different rules for penny items? It is not even Christmas yet, and they are going to throw all those hats away! That cashier told me "you won't believe all the stuff we throw away" i think family dollar should donate everything to places in need, that just rubs me the wrong way!
Comment from : Stephanie Reed

This list is way better than the beans for next week!🤣
Comment from : Madycat

Kathy Germack
I Googled it and found one!
Comment from : Kathy Germack

josie wathen
Please do visuals
Comment from : josie wathen

Thank you so much for sharing!👍
Comment from : Madycat

Fetina Wimberly
Comment from : Fetina Wimberly

Ithinkican251 Berich
I went to 2 stores! I got 71 items from the first store then 36 items from the second store!! I will definitely be hitting the other 3 stores in my area! Thank you so much!!! It felt so good counting out change to pay for a cart full of stuff!
Comment from : Ithinkican251 Berich

Denise Bermudes
Visuals would be great
Comment from : Denise Bermudes

Becki Smith
Yes. Please put up visual. I'm old school and don't have a instant gram. Love you. I can't tell me how much you have changed my life.
Comment from : Becki Smith

Denise Bermudes
Bummer my local store isn't an NCI store. In fact none of the ones near me are. 😥
Comment from : Denise Bermudes

June Garner
Please post pictures.
Comment from : June Garner

Lisa Carter
thank you for all you do. A Visual video would be awesome.
Comment from : Lisa Carter

Really Brandi
Bummer none in Washington or Los Angeles nope for bulllhead city az either
Comment from : Really Brandi

Richard Childs
Look for home items with a black circle as and a white price inside the circle. Pic TV ure frames,signs,and candle holders. Good luck
Comment from : Richard Childs

Tanya Gray
We only have 3 NCI stores in our state! Crazy!
Comment from : Tanya Gray

Comment from : Alex

Tanya Gray
Do you think there will still be pennies at the home stores tomorrow morning? We are 45 minutes from one but are going to it first thing in the morning so I'm worried others will have been there before me 😳😳
Comment from : Tanya Gray

ladana kennedy
Yea do the video for the penny list
Comment from : ladana kennedy

Theresa Rabitsch
Comment from : Theresa Rabitsch

I couldn't get the coke coupon, even after logging out
Comment from : Renee

Robyn Gray
Visuals plz
Comment from : Robyn Gray

Leonor Bryant
Scored 40 items! Thank you so much for your videos.
Comment from : Leonor Bryant

Nick Wellman
Visuals please!!
Comment from : Nick Wellman

Cristi Shields
For Nevada SPECIFICALLY Las Vegas does anyone know about penny items in general? I have found a few but it's like the Las Vegas stores do there own thing per location. Christa or anyone know? Thanks in advance :)
Comment from : Cristi Shields

deidra sutherin
Thanks so much for posting I just got $170 worth of stuff mostly at one store
Comment from : deidra sutherin

This N That Shelley Lemmond
Thank you Christa 💯👍🏻❤
Comment from : This N That Shelley Lemmond

Staci Manning
I got Halloween playdoh today!!!!
Comment from : Staci Manning

C.G Gray Gray
Thanks Christa. God bless you
Comment from : C.G Gray Gray

Yes, please post visuals
Comment from : Renee

Bob Bobber
It looks like maine doesn't have any home stores! Most of our dollar general's popped up in the last 5 years and before that all we had was family dollar and dollar tree.
Comment from : Bob Bobber

Rhonda B
I went to my NCI store and nothing penny'd out , some of the exact item that were shown. 🤔😥
Comment from : Rhonda B

Miracle Aphrodite
visuals please
Comment from : Miracle Aphrodite

Gayla P
I just scored 20+ picture frames at one store in Upstate SC.!
Comment from : Gayla P

Also purple Dot stuff is being put out so watch for dates!
Comment from : NATES MOM

Phatnsassy in FL
I never use Instagram, so I greatly appreciate when you put the list on your site. I am so crazy about you and your zany personality. You are a wonderful host on your channel. I do thank you for the heads up that you give all of us. Christa, THANK YOU!!!
Comment from : Phatnsassy in FL

Brittany DIY
Please do a visual
Comment from : Brittany DIY

Shirley Green
I would like a visual of the home stores penny list please thank you
Comment from : Shirley Green

Sam Horton

Comment from : Sam Horton

I’ve noticed a lot of Regular DG stores in my area that just started getting NCI items and are not on the list. Listen to Christa on how to look for clues.
Comment from : NATES MOM

Sheila Jordan
Tried my DG app but register would not download coupons?
Comment from : Sheila Jordan

Andrea Rose
Just checked, my nearest NCI is an hour away. Guess I'll skip this list. :/
Comment from : Andrea Rose

pbear 2018
I noticed home stores don't have clothing.
Comment from : pbear 2018

Melanie B Jennings
I just scored at 2 stores!!!
Comment from : Melanie B Jennings

cindy karriker
Visuals please
Comment from : cindy karriker

txsale mama
I got lots of stuff !!! Thanks girl
Comment from : txsale mama

Ugh closest one is 22 miles away..nope
Comment from : Dovekitty

Courtney Dobard
Visuals please!
Comment from : Courtney Dobard

Kiley Mangum
Woohoo I racked up. Thank you so much!
Comment from : Kiley Mangum

Connie Pressley
Comment from : Connie Pressley

meike fraze
Hi there. :)
Comment from : meike fraze

Heidi S
Yes!! Visuals!! Whoop whoop 🤗... Thanx!!
Comment from : Heidi S

Donna Melvin
Visuals please and thank you
Comment from : Donna Melvin

yesica lopez
Yes please
Comment from : yesica lopez

Sasha S
Where do I scan exactly
Comment from : Sasha S

Kaye Smith
I just moved to Ga and they have dollar general market..does this still work
Comment from : Kaye Smith

No Malone
Comment from : No Malone

No Malone
do it
Comment from : No Malone

Nikki Petty
Yesssss visuals please!💗🙏 you are the best!
Comment from : Nikki Petty

melisa 143
Want visuals please I'll go to Janet's but some of us want a video
Comment from : melisa 143

Maggie Risi
NCI means its a what kind of store? Beside it having home stuff,thks
Comment from : Maggie Risi

Over 40 Keeping it healthy
Please do visuals
Comment from : Over 40 Keeping it healthy

No Malone
stop talking and just show us
Comment from : No Malone

Id love visuals!
Comment from : CINDY HAWK

Visuals would be great....THANKS!!!
Comment from : Deedub

A Blare
I need at least a list.
Comment from : A Blare

Linda Bennett
Could you please put all your links on here in type so I can wright them down. Thanks
Comment from : Linda Bennett

Andrea Mason
Hey you think i could dm Janet for some keto info?
Comment from : Andrea Mason

Party By Yari
Thank You !!! 🥰
Comment from : Party By Yari

Meriem Ben
Thank you but im working hhhhh
What about tomorrow it's Still for a penny if I found some items

Comment from : Meriem Ben

Margaret Lyons
Please add visual thank you
Comment from : Margaret Lyons

Angel Borman
Can someone please tell me how we know or find out if it’s a Home store or not?? I’d appreciate it sooo much if someone could help me!!
Comment from : Angel Borman

Andrea Mason
Hey christa
Comment from : Andrea Mason

Angel Lady
Thank you
Comment from : Angel Lady

Destiny Updegrove
Hey girl thanks
Comment from : Destiny Updegrove

Kaitlyn Flower
Thank you girl ❤️
Comment from : Kaitlyn Flower

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