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My Flippin Life
Have you ever been to a Dollar General NCI Home Store? Link to this weeks penny list 12/3/19 👉 youtu.be/rJ8WPIwsnvs
Comment from : My Flippin Life

jane shields
NCI stores do have a penny list hun.
Comment from : jane shields

William Keasling
So now you have to come up with the penny list for NCI stores, and send it my way too. Keep up the good work man.
Comment from : William Keasling

Mel B
I couldn’t find any penny items nci had a big penny list but there’s not one near me the closet one is like an hour away.
Comment from : Mel B

Tara Daley
go back. pink clover pennied today.
Comment from : Tara Daley

Kristen Hardesty
Your pink clover clothes pennied today! Run run run 😳😁
Comment from : Kristen Hardesty

Sandy Hill
Are you going to try to figure out how to penny shop in the NCI store or even if you Can penny shop in a NCI store?
Comment from : Sandy Hill

Maureen Horne
I was a NCI store. and yes they do carry alot more stuff. this one was in an old grocery store. Just huge. And yes I did find a lot of penny items. It was on a Friday, I found 46 penny items. The check out girl seemed surprised also.
Comment from : Maureen Horne

Cheeze Face
Thankyou for this video. And yes Christa coupons has old nci list with blankets, rugs, sheets for pennies. Yupp take advantage of that and make some good videos ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Comment from : Cheeze Face

Mary phelps
Wonder if DG , Offers a vidieo about NCI . STORES ? ? Has anyone tried to find a vid. From dg. Website ? ?
Comment from : Mary phelps

Haven't been to an NCI home store yet. Fun find yesterday - green dot home item, a little pineapple shaped lamp :) It was in an aisle separate from the regular home stuff, but not clearance...wonder if someone was trying to hide it, but I guess not, since that pennied a while ago, right? Anyway, also at same store I found quite a few novelty pens and a couple of coin purses for penny. Learning more and more as I continue going, and of course watching videos, looking at old penny lists.
Comment from : wjb722

Felicia Eckiss
They have different penny list for the nci home stores.
Comment from : Felicia Eckiss

Great Job sharing! I was curious because all 5 of ours are all the same, more groceries, clothes cleaning supplies, etc generic. Yall's normal GD's have more variety than ours does. The ones yall have shown I have been jealous of. Our shoes are only 2 sections of shelves from top to bottom, we have the one aisle of toys (both sides), 1 aisle of kids hanging clothes across from undergarments, next aisle if adult clothes on one side they are only about 10 feet of hanging on each aisle. I always get jealous of yalls stores lol Thank you for showing me the NCI store! I will watch it again and get jealous even more lol. Stay warm and I hope yall all are feeling better. I am always praying for yall <3 LOVE THE HAIR CUT! You look so dapper lol
Comment from : talbertsmomm

Rosemary Passariello
I think Christa coupons said green clover had pennied. Go watch and see 😊. She actually had sheets and glasses. But the lanterns didn’t penny
Comment from : Rosemary Passariello

Tanya Gray
Is the penny list different for home stores versus regular stores?
Comment from : Tanya Gray

Danielle Wheeler
I've been seeing the pink clover @ my store for a while & it rings up $1.50 also. I wonder if the green square shoes gonna penny soon. I also seen green clovers on the lanterns.
Comment from : Danielle Wheeler

Pam Brown
I don't have any home stores near me, but occasionally Christa post a penny list for home stores. Decent sized lists with stuff like trash cans, sheet sets, blankets and other stuff.
Comment from : Pam Brown

Shirley Paslay
What does NCI mean?
Comment from : Shirley Paslay

How do you know if a store is an nci store?
Comment from : Audury

Joanna Mercado
That store is just like the one where i live. I never find penny stuff and they don't even have clothes any more maybe just like a box with the pink clover symbol. There is never no Penny stuff. 😏
Comment from : Joanna Mercado

Kaleigh Hensley
You can find the pennies at nci stores but sometimes they have stuff penny out just for the nci stores
Comment from : Kaleigh Hensley

james AARON smith
Another Great Video
Comment from : james AARON smith

Most of my stores are NCI stores we have maybe 2 reg stores
Comment from : ILoveYouMost5711

lupe Martinez
Do you have something in your mouth when you do your videos?
Comment from : lupe Martinez

Faye Grogan
I’ve never seen a Dollar General NCI store before this I’m glad you showed this thank you for sharing 🙋‍♀️🤗👍
Comment from : Faye Grogan

Stuff.From. Sally
Never heard of the Dollar General NCI.
Comment from : Stuff.From. Sally

Jody Mitoma's Videos
Cool stuff, man! This DG NCISS or whatever it is, sounds quite similarto DOLLARAMA up here in Canada. Thanks for showin' us around, Jordan.
Comment from : Jody Mitoma's Videos

Amanda Curtis
I've been to one. Found 4 penny bags of cough drops
Comment from : Amanda Curtis

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