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jt cooper
I was an asst mgr at family dollar back in 2004. It was hell - I had to be the stocker and cashier as well. The delivery truck came weekly and it had to be unloaded by me and the manager at 6 am. We were constantly robbed and theft was super high
Comment from : jt cooper

Henry Fonda
dollar store is a lie.. to get you into it.. everything isnt a dollar its only certain stuff other stuff is 9 bucks etc... it is cheaper though
Comment from : Henry Fonda

Red Chevy
You don't like "LIFE LAUGH LOVE"? How about "DARE DREAM DO"? LOL.
Comment from : Red Chevy

malik Shepard
I don't know how the hell you need Family Dollar stay in business they don't keep nothing on the shelves employees don't do s*** just stand around
Comment from : malik Shepard

Joe Schmo
Somehow the most depressing thing in this video is that "no apologies" Sorry ripoff.
Comment from : Joe Schmo

Doña Bárbara
I do not like them.
Comment from : Doña Bárbara

nadira Muhammad
The Family Dollars around me have really gotten nice, I’m hoping to hear from them today for a job... 🙌🏽
Comment from : nadira Muhammad

FukAzz RS
pinapple is the worst jarritos. Tamarind is the beest
Comment from : FukAzz RS

Not surprised by all the bug spray seeing the demographics they cater too.
Comment from : haywoodyoudome

Go armed.
Comment from : TheC4FourHundred

Terry Flood
I like family dollar I shop there everyday
Comment from : Terry Flood

Brandy Boyd
Hi my name is brandy and where I live the family dollar got brought by dollar tree and they change the store around a whole lot also a lot of the shelves are not stock right or not stock at all it's sad dollar need to step up there game if they buying out family
Comment from : Brandy Boyd

There are like at least, 7 Family Dollar within a 2 mile radius! One of them turned into a Dollar Tree! The only things I usually get are laundry detergent or dish detergent. Many a couple of clothing items that I can wear around the house.
Comment from : Arpegionne5555

Clearly you come from higher end retail. These dollar stores are so short-staffed, it's all about surviving to the next day, without the 8000 boxes in the backroom falling on you. The terrible clientele leaves items all over the place, spills everything and basically screws up what they don't steal. You have to waste 3 hours every night cleaning up carelessness, futility defined. They ship thousands of boxes at one time, with no regard of what fits or what you need. It's all about what they get a deal on. They even get a deal by using lousy trucking services that can't pin down when they will actually arrive. This is the most frustrating of all, you constantly have to change the schedule and call in workers unscheduled. I don't mean once in a while - EVERY week we never knew when the big truck will actually come. The CEO doesn't seem to want to fix his screwed up stores. He continues to bandaid problems hoping they'll fly away. Rather, everytime there's a visit from a higher-up, they bring in other managers ( who are already working 7 days a week) to put on a fake show for the CEO. He's been quoted saying "it's a good day for Dollar Tree" often. Whenever he says that, I can see eyes roll, and store managers who want to beat the daylights out of him. The cashiers have it ez they do 5 hours and go home, but the managers are worked to death for the lowest salary possible. I feel for all who work there. Worst job I've ever had - by FAR. You just wouldn't believe how poorly dollar stores are run
Comment from : dawnpatrol700

Interesting..... first family dollar is right down my road.
I live about 100 feet from it.

In case any one is wondering, It is located in Mesa, AZ....

Comment from : VinVal

John Williamson
Hate family dollar. Very very poor service and extremely rude cashier's and very poorly stocked.
Comment from : John Williamson

Vernola Bullock
From Baltimore MD
Comment from : Vernola Bullock

Vernola Bullock
Family Dollar and Dollar General l shop at both of them. But the aisles in the store's are small u have to wait for someone to come through so u can go. I get my house hold products from them better prices than Wal-Mart.
Comment from : Vernola Bullock

Koala Malagon
Bro i fucking love those carrot cake oreos. u missed out
Comment from : Koala Malagon

Dylan Brady
Yea I used to work for family dollar ,the company definitely has its issues
Comment from : Dylan Brady

Midd Knight
Nothing like my city’s family dollars. Two of them on the same street both filthy, horribly ran. I was an assistant mgr for about four months and just couldn’t take the environment the company promotes. Seriously toxic with very little want to change. I was the only one. I once cleaned up used needles (at a very safe distance) in the parking lot. God knows how long they’ve been there. Kids are in that neighborhood and all my store manager said was oh thanks.
Comment from : Midd Knight

Derek A
Have you done Big Lots!?
Comment from : Derek A

Derek A
Meth heads.
Comment from : Derek A

Larry Hunt
Holy BatCat Robin it's a conspiracy!
Comment from : Larry Hunt

Family Dollar is closing stores left and right around here.
Comment from : Gilitar

Mackenzie Onyx
While your mind went to Fur Babies, mine simply went to “yeah, children are animals”...oops😂
I guess biologically we all are but whatevz

Comment from : Mackenzie Onyx

Christian Soldier
family dollar is the worst of the dollar stores
Comment from : Christian Soldier

The Family Dollar near me is insanely dirty. Literally products are scattered about everywhere including all over the floor. Its also frequented by criminals and gangbangers. I've only gone there a couple times and the last time I went there was a 3 or 4 year old playing on the ground at the entrance to the parking lot. I had to wait for his mom who was 20 feet away talking to someone to notice me and move the kid so I could drive in. When I got to the checkout there were two carts so full of stuff needing to be put back on shelves it was all falling onto the floor, including cold food items.
Comment from : whoopdeedoo

Scott M
Around here, the Dollar Generals are all newer and cleaner than the Family Dollars.
Comment from : Scott M

7:44 Everybody's reaction to Karen decor.
Comment from : UmbratheDark

Trucking With A Tablet
Mystery Mansion is not a knock of. You the player A. build the 3. Story 3d mansion as you play and are trying to find the correct key to the correct chest only one chest has treasure and get it out of the mansion before other players. The game is worth picking up but get the version made in the 1980s as it was higher quality than later versions.
Comment from : Trucking With A Tablet

M. Davis
Let the guy do his job. We're here 4 a reason! So all of you negative commenters STHU!!!
Comment from : M. Davis

M. Davis
I love Family Dollar. Hate Dollar Tree.
Comment from : M. Davis

M. Davis
Well some1 has family issues

Comment from : M. Davis

Spectro Man
LOL! I despise the "Affirmations" and "Grateful/Blessed" framed posters too. Walk in to any home built 2000 or newer and you will find them in every room!
Comment from : Spectro Man

Scott Pool
Family dollar they don’t have what I’m looking for now the others The other store does it’s a bigger store but candy and stuff like that they have mishmash.I totally agree
Comment from : Scott Pool

People shop at dollar stores for the deals not the aesthetic.
Comment from : absolutetruthgirl

Ay-Ay Ron
The swaying camera while walking is so distracting and very difficult to watch
Comment from : Ay-Ay Ron

Inlanzer Gaming
Jarritos pina is the best flavor... confirmed
Comment from : Inlanzer Gaming

Chris Lemaster
Family Dollar was brought out by Dollar Tree INC and Dollar Tree is closing most Family Dollar's and converting them in to Dollar Tree.
Comment from : Chris Lemaster

Patti Pickett
I agree Family Dollar and Dollar General are managed horribly. I went to 3 different stores one day 3-5 miles away from each other and they were all closed at 5:00 on a Wednesday. Lack of staff. Who ever owns those places doesn't have a clue how to run them.
Comment from : Patti Pickett

Eddie Webb
I keep watching this video you can tell this dude hates God
Comment from : Eddie Webb

Eddie Webb
He sound like the devil when he' said I hate that shit lol
Comment from : Eddie Webb

Brenda Benitez
I live like 3 minutes away from a family dollar and that store is always a mess the employees are always on their phone
Comment from : Brenda Benitez

our local gas station used to have shasta! now it's gone :(

i mean yeah it was knockoff but it was 99 cent knockoff!

Comment from : ScottaHemi

The Family Dollar stores in my city (there are 3 now) are all super thrashed snd ghetto... Empty shelves, cardboard boxes are in the aisles, full of stock that never got put up, not a good selection of food items at all. I think the healthiest thing you can get there is canned green beans. No fresh produce or meats. Our Dollar Generals are far, far superior: clean, well-stocked, good selection of fresh foods. I find it interesting that his Dollar General he visited was so bad and the Family Dollar was better. I guess it depends on what area you live in
Comment from : lisalight2006

Tyler Jhonson
Quit bitching asshole this stores and their prices are awesome. You speak like someone who clearly has never been broke before.
Comment from : Tyler Jhonson

Comment from : Jkdab?

Puss cat
When do you go to these places? It's not on Sunday morning?
Comment from : Puss cat

I was just telling my girl this yesterday, we have one in a plaza next to my home. I went in there and it was shit all over the place I could barely get through any of the aisles just messing and unorganized.
Comment from : dtez20

Finch Harper
All Family Dollars have closed in my area
Comment from : Finch Harper

every dollar store I've ever been to looks like a bomb hit it
Comment from : Billie

J. Genaro Lopez
Wrong. Best Jarrito flavors are Mandarina and Tamarindo!
Comment from : J. Genaro Lopez

Mathew Hex
You are wrong sir. Lime jarritos is the best jarritos. There was one bottle left at the store the other day and it's both our favorite. I being the man allowed her to have it but it tested our relationship
Comment from : Mathew Hex

I always wondered how they made money if everythings so cheap
Comment from : Kitzya

Stan’s Auto Repair
They closed the Family Dollar here in Seymour TN. Which sucks. Because now it’s a Good will!
Comment from : Stan’s Auto Repair

Sonic More Music
Does the U.S. have any more "Dollar Store" types that you can film at?
Comment from : Sonic More Music

Jason Matthew
Family Dollar here is ALWAYS busy I see tons of people in there
Comment from : Jason Matthew

I'm unsurprised to hear Icahn is involved in this. There's been much written about his tenure in the airline industry, and this is the result of a quick Internet search that's pretty representative of what's out there about his time at TWA: www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/marc-andreessen-carl-icahn-killed-an-entire-airline-2014-3
Comment from : HEDGE1011

Rick Hoffman
here in my town .99 cent stores mean everything ends in .99.. like in $3.99, $5.99 not worth it
Comment from : Rick Hoffman

James Blackwood
8:09 shout out to Tales from The Borderlands, dope ass game...i didn't realize it had a physical release...
Comment from : James Blackwood

Nyota Uhura
they were being boycotted earlier this year
Comment from : Nyota Uhura

I first thought "WTF is Family Dollar?" then I learned I'm in one of the few states that apparently don't have them. lol
Comment from : xcrimsonlegendx

Matthew New
my mom said. if you cant say anything nice. then dont say anything at all. mom im sorry. but the person doing this video. is an ass
Comment from : Matthew New

Mary Bowman
Dollar tree can kiss my A**. Low end items. Family dollar is a much better store .Yes they closed the family dollar near me but I will not be going to Dollar tree I will go to Dollar General.
Comment from : Mary Bowman

Ophelia’s Love Shack
These are the type of places where I either leave with nothing or EVERYTHING
Comment from : Ophelia’s Love Shack

I was recently an Asst Mgr @ FD. FD expects its employees to stop/fight crime. Upper mgmt isnt effected by customers every hour walking out with trash bags full of merchandise. Corporate Is so unconcerned while we were concerned for our safety..
Comment from : SoBoogee

Yeah they should use those "Live, Laugh, Love" signs to induce vomiting in poisoning victims.
Comment from : staytunedfor

Joe Smith
4:40 Dr Pepper cotton candy? No one talking about the elephant in this room? How epic is that?
Comment from : Joe Smith

A Kayfabe
I asked the dollar stores abt the bug spray stuff why so much? They said low income buildings have a lot of bug issues, people from the Public Housing shop there and they have infestations due to all the turnover in tenants, or bad management. I can concur because I have lived in PHA
Comment from : A Kayfabe

A Kayfabe
What’s going on with the Family Dollar in my city, is, lack of employees. When I go in there, there’s 2 people or even just one. Trying to run the cash register/check out, but also getting called to aisles, having to unload the delivery stuff, stock, and off and on they are in the back working and there’s no check out person for several min.
Our Family Dollar isn’t dirty, really. But it’s cluttered and has no staff. It’s also located in an area of the city with huge theft problems, so having no staff just adds to the issue.
By the way, until recently I thought Dollar General was an everything’s a dollar type place like dollar tree, I had no idea.
Our Family Dollar And Dollar Tree are next to each other.

Comment from : A Kayfabe

Crazy, the dollar general in my city is actually nice, the worst one is dollar tree, always messy and dirty
Comment from : Charlie

Royal Blood
Fkin hilarious, I hate those catch phrase pictures also but it's real motivational for feminist 😂
Comment from : Royal Blood

we used to have family dollar but now we only have dollar general and dollar tree
Comment from : IzzyB

Whitney Wells
I like to shop at the Dollar General that's close to my house because they have 1 or 2 registers open and not too cr o weed. I go to Wal-Mart and long lines with only one register open. I don't do self checkout because I think that does away with jobs, and they ain't pay in me to work the register. Now grocery stores starting to do that too.
Comment from : Whitney Wells

M. Miller
They should sell the condoms by the diapers
Comment from : M. Miller

M. Miller
You must be an atheist
Comment from : M. Miller

M. Miller
They sell a lot of bug poison because their customers live in slums apartments
Comment from : M. Miller

M. Miller
These stores are a reminder of how far behind in wages we are to inflation
Comment from : M. Miller

M. Miller
Faith Family and Love is what keeps me living! ✌🏻
Comment from : M. Miller

Flash Hobbies
They are terrible! Poor working conditions, always getting robbed. People always stealing things. Normally only allowed 2 employees to run and stock the store at a time. Stay far away from working there.
Comment from : Flash Hobbies

Family Dollar has those 3-pack bottles of dish soap for $5. Only thing I buy there. One weird thing I noticed: no Halloween decorations this year????
Comment from : cafemartini

Kyng Kraken
Most of those products are made in China and with the current trade war these stores will start to die it’s already happening in New York
Comment from : Kyng Kraken

Carrot Cake Oreos are AMAZING! :D
Comment from : DaytonaFunTim

SSS 334
They can't keep good employes because of the pay and they don't treat them well, they work with only a few ppl and expect you to unload the truck, stock and run a register...and ppl wonder why customer service sucks! I know because I worked for Dollar General when I was in college so I'm sure it's the same thing with Family Dollar
Comment from : SSS 334

John Mendoza
Live your life to the fullest i hate that also.👾🤣Also this is no different than closing malls.😯😅🤣
Comment from : John Mendoza

Dean Jackson
The emergency exits are always blocked at the Dollar General and Family Dollar stores I visit.
Comment from : Dean Jackson

The problem with Family Dollar and Dollar General is mostly oversaturation, in my small town there's 2 Family Dollars, 2 Dollar Generals, and 1 Dollar Tree. All three are heavy competitors with convenience stores, grocery stores, and Walmart. Though currently Dollar Tree is hurting due do the trade war is increasing its costs for products as most are manufactured in China.
Comment from : KeoniPhoenix

Frank Franklin
I literally only shop at family dollar. If y’all don’t like FD you can go to hell!
Comment from : Frank Franklin

Ashley Lunsford
I use the family dollar app to get coupons, they have great deals on laundry products and hygiene products. I really enjoy stores like dollar general and family dollar because its not as crowded and stressful as Walmart and i can use the apps to save money 😊
Comment from : Ashley Lunsford

Carlos M
99% junk stuff.
Comment from : Carlos M

Family Dollar is ok. I like going there sometimes, but the stuff you find it weird and seems overpriced for a "discount store." I never liked Dollar General, or had a good experience in one.
Comment from : oopsibrokethecow

Kaitlyn Marie
Our Family Dollar closed and turned into Dollar General and its SOO much better then Family Dollar our Dollar General is very clean compared to our Dollar Tree and Family Dollar store
Comment from : Kaitlyn Marie

Christopher Waller
This reminds me of some of the more cluttered pound shops you'd find in outer London town centres
Comment from : Christopher Waller

I absolutely hate those “Live Love Laugh” signs.
They remind me of that 1988 sci-fi movie They Live with all the Obey Consume Sleep signs. I can’t help but to think Don’t tell me how to feel😆

Comment from : The WRAITH117

Daniel Stone
if you've never had a peanut butter raid and freon sandwich you haven't lived
Comment from : Daniel Stone

The bread vendors aren't going to put a lot of bread in those stores b/c it doesn't sell and they have to eat the loss. So they use products with longer shelf life like those cakes.
Comment from : G

I too hate those "live laugh love" signs and the like.
Comment from : Águila701

Dustin Kelton
Cool channel
Comment from : Dustin Kelton

Family Dollar is sort of Wal-Mart for the hood, if you're poor. A lot of times big chains like Wal-Mart and Target won't setup shop in "bad" neighborhoods or towns. If you're in the hood you may not have a car to drive the next town over to Wal-Mart, you might get to a big store like that once a month or less. Then you go to stores like Family Dollar day to day for all your random items you need, so if you look closely, Family Dollar really does (or did, anyway) have everything (in a non-organized fashion as you showed) because for a lot of people it's their only store within walking distance besides smaller corner stores, convenience stores, or liquor stores.
Comment from : GilBatesLovesyou

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