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Which is the best dollar store?
Comment from : Mashed

Carl Carrano
Dollar tree is my first stop when doing bi-weekly groceries and supplies. Pt, TP, kitchen utensils, party supplies, good deals on classic dvds and more. Quality? I don’t give a f$&@ if it’s only a buck!
Comment from : Carl Carrano

Jim mooni
family dollar is a fake dollar store, this list is bullshit!
Comment from : Jim mooni

Angela Buyck
Not military state either
Comment from : Angela Buyck

Angela Buyck
I admit it I buy the place out regularly
Comment from : Angela Buyck

Angela Buyck
I like it it's cheap a dollar
Comment from : Angela Buyck

Angela Buyck
Bull crap about Walmart lol
Comment from : Angela Buyck

dollar general and family dollars are only in like small towns in west bumblefuck
Comment from : Spencer

S J Finley
We have 6% sales tax in our state. Dollar tree prices are correct. All the Family Dollar or Dollar Generals in our entire county have whatever their heart desires sales tax. I could prove it over and over, my neighbors could too. So I stopped shopping there 14 months ago. Didn't like the surprise at end of shopping. Stick to Ollie's and Big Lots we have in our main town.
Comment from : S J Finley

ds southern
Half the things in dollar tree aren't worth $1. I think about the quantity and quality of the product. People buy stuff at the dollar tree to do DIYS and make the products better and more high end.
Comment from : ds southern

Ron B
One word... Volume.
Comment from : Ron B

Scott Angermeier
So basically dollar stores are bad so let's just close them all down? Not!! I like em especially dollar tree.
Comment from : Scott Angermeier

yousef alghamdi MD
11 minutes of the same info repeated over over and over
Comment from : yousef alghamdi MD

You won't be gerrin any of MY money!
Buying food at the "dollesto'" the only ppl that do it twice are on welfare, lol
Comment from : You won't be gerrin any of MY money!

☝️They aren’t just located in low income areas. They’re increasing being located everywhere. I live in 7 figure house in a gated golf course community and all of neighborhoods around have nothing listed for less than $300K and we have a thriving Dollar Tree about a mile away in a popular shopping center. At forst I thought, “oh no the neighborhood is going to sh*t”” 😂....well I finally strolled in there last year and have been regularly going back for quick things I need to pick up while keeping an eye on the actual value vs $1 scenario, but they do have good deals on some things (gift bags, wrapping paper, scotch tape, a quick shipping envelope, paper clips, binder clips etc).
Comment from : LovingAtlanta

The Pluto Army
i go there for snacks and candy not serious shit
Comment from : The Pluto Army

Todd Jasos... I heard Jeff bezos
Comment from : OrbitalWEM

Gail Deshawnda
Dollar tree, dollar general, family dollar, aldi, and kroger are all only 2 blocks away from each here so...
Comment from : Gail Deshawnda

Very smart. I wish Lidl did this
Comment from : gsxellence

Conan Edogawa
So what stuff is worth from buying at dollar store?
Comment from : Conan Edogawa

HolyLand Fan
Now $1 Tree bought Family Dollar and not everything is $1. You have to watch. It ANGERS me they did that because you know before too long, the $1 items will be gone, as they are with others that started out a dollar.
Comment from : HolyLand Fan

Food deserts in populous cities do not exist because the corporate grocery chains are malicious. Stores they locate there are unprofitable because of security problems. Security problems means that there is a lot of shoplifting and theft and that people outside of the immediate areas cannot shop there. Look at big cities with low income ghettos and barrios and you will find that the major grocery and big box chain site their stores in neutral zones on or near the borders between communities of different races and ethnic groups. People who have transportation go to the stores. People who don't can be damned, and are. Even the white folks. That's the economics of chain retailing. If inner city stores were only slightly unprofitable, the chains probably would leave them there for the sake public relations, image and optics. More likely, they are massively unprofitable and maybe carry high liability risks too.

Rural areas might not have chains because there is not enough population. When I lived in a community of 5,000 along an interstate, there was one corporate chain supermarket in town, and that was one of the chains known for high prices. To have choices, you had to drive 20 miles up the interstate or the county road. If you didn't have personal transportation, too bad for you. Since when I lived there, one of the independent markets closed and the space was taken over by Dollar Tree. I don't know about the other independent market. I haven't been there in a long time.

Comment from : Anonymike

pretty much stores that cater to retards lol
Comment from : KrazyKrzysztof

Charles B
I have never seen a dollar store that neat and organized.
Comment from : Charles B

Jay Nujabes
This is not true! This video is super subjective and biased.. it doesn’t say how there are items that are sold there same size and quality then in Walmart
Comment from : Jay Nujabes

I love Dollar Tree...

Gym Items: AAA Batteries, Extra brand gum, Headphones for my MP3

Work Items: Writing Pens... I think they have the best ! INC brand pens write forever and very well

Misc Items: Greeting cards, laser pointer to entertain the dog, occasional pair of patterned socks

It's not the dollar... It's the in and out convenience... Nothing I've ever purchased from there has ever let me down (or the dog) !

Comment from : jfoster1515

Lee Allen
The lower-income and rural areas in Alabama have plenty of dollar stores and in some areas, you would have to drive 10-15 minutes to get to a real grocery store. Not all things are a great value at dollar stores but they do fill a necessary need.
Comment from : Lee Allen

Michael -
I was wondering this because dicks sporting goods and a dollar store are in the same marketplace by me and the dicks somehow closed down due to money shortages before the dollar store🤔
Comment from : Michael -

With these types of stores, you honestly just have to pay attention to what you are buying. I have noticed some things are more expensive at Dollar General than at Walmart, but I buy my toilet paper, for example at Dollar General because it is a better deal than Walmart. Cleaning supplies, depending on what you buy, can also be a good deal at the Dollar Tree, such as bleach.
Comment from : musicaddict

Comment from : MGSBESTProductions

PMthedonutgirl 52
The bunny hugging the so called latina lol smfh
Comment from : PMthedonutgirl 52

Jaleel white
since when did dollar general have a market chain
Comment from : Jaleel white

Dollar tree can have my whole check because I’ll be in there every pay day 😂😂😂
Comment from : AngelicDiva1988

Deborah Baltimore
Naming the stores Dollar General or Family Dollar is very misleading. Believe it or not, some people really think things are only $1. In both of these stores, you will only find a very small percentage of things you could buy for $1 or less. Without specials or coupons, you will always pay more for things there than at WalMart or other stores like it.
Comment from : Deborah Baltimore

I never understood why people complain about Walmart instead of dollar stores. At least Walmart pays a decent wage and is open 24 hours a day
Comment from : Scully

for the last time! Dollar general is NOT a Dollar store! just because they have the word "Dollar in their name doesnt make them a Dollar store
Comment from : bcrumpty

Dollar General and Family Dollar are NOT Dollar stores! they are high priced convenient stores. Dollar Tree is a true Dollar store however their products come from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
Comment from : bcrumpty

Shaelyn Brady
1,2,3,4,5. I have 6 dollars I can buy these.
Comment from : Shaelyn Brady

Scott B
Well we all know who made this video Walmart did
Comment from : Scott B

Kailin Gassett
I’ve never seen employees at the dollar store near me look like videos employees! Where I leave they look meth’d out🤣
Comment from : Kailin Gassett

I wish Dollar Tree would have been around when I was a young adult. Food always went bad before I could eat it. There were also times I needed laundry soap or paper goods and I only had so much. Yes, I know I would get less, but when you only have $5 and lots of needs, a place like that would've been a dream come true.
Comment from : Briarrose29

Mike Webb
Video made by Wal-Mart to try to molest dollar stores and win their clientele.lol
Comment from : Mike Webb

Angel Domingue
My mother has a dollar tree up the street and she lives in Pacifica her home over looks the ocean it is a Million dollar home quit lying to the people dollar stores are near exits off the freeway and people who are educated and thrifty!
Comment from : Angel Domingue

Edward Smart
There are no Dollar stores in my area! This is a 'eye opening' video! Thanks.
Comment from : Edward Smart

Russ Nurse2B
Some of the dollars store have very little for a dollar. They move into small towns and poorer areas then rip those people off. They also don't put any money back into the community, it all goes back to their corporate headquarters.
Comment from : Russ Nurse2B

David D Whit
The last part not true
Comment from : David D Whit

This video is very misleading. They reiterate they locate in poor locations, then put everyone out of business. If no one could compete with them, then they were the cheapest in town. Therefore, that wouldn't hurt the communities economic growth, it would help it. Most likely, the town was failing before, just as much as after for to poor leadership and economic growth.
Comment from : Pusalieth

The Oliver
One inaccuracy in this video is the statement that the dollar store does well regardless of the economy conditions. They do better when in a recession. Which is the same reason why they locate themselves in low income areas.
Comment from : The Oliver

Long Drive
The Dollar General is the local grocery in the dying small town I live near. It is convenient, sells lots of sugared snacks, sugared cereals and soft drinks. Employees are surly and disinterested. The best customers are local welfare druggies who walk to DG from the plentiful section 8 housing. I just wish people would buy more soap. Water is free. DS idea of merchandising looks like it was thrown on the shelves, the store is filthy, the parking lot trashed, cigarette butts litter the entrance and the discarded shipping packaging is an eye sore. It’s obvious DS plays with sizing. Check the ounces on the products. Check the country of origin on the canned goods. Paper goods are competitive but check the numbers on square feet. Laundry soap is reasonable and you can use the Saturday only &5.00 coupon. Last Christmas I saw parents buying DG toys for their children’s gifts. That’s desperation. Overall DG is the most depressing retail store I have ever shopped.
Comment from : Long Drive

Lauren Aka
I always make sure I buy brand name goods that r just discontinued items from other stores.
Comment from : Lauren Aka

Diggy Dude
I've seldom been able to get in and out of a dollar store in just a couple of minutes. There's usually a long line at the register and only one cashier working.
Comment from : Diggy Dude

Certified Idiot
Imagine being ceo of a dollar store
Comment from : Certified Idiot

Renegade, I AM !
The stole this from me... Already nothing in Dollars General is a Dollar... It's Generally around a Dollar.
Comment from : Renegade, I AM !

My niece swears by LA Colors for her cosmetic needs. Thank You Dollar Tree lol.
Comment from : ayf1983

Nyeara Staggers
Name 1 item that you but 10x at dollar tree but once at brand store???!!!
Comment from : Nyeara Staggers

Dollar stores, in general, aren't bad. It's all about looking around and making informed decisions about what you're picking up (ie. volume vs price). I've gotten a lot of great deals there, and quality has been pretty decent. Even if the item is $4, it's still a good deal (for example, I found a mini French Press coffee maker at Dollarama for $4, and on Amazon, they're going for up to $20!). Most food items are good, too. You just have to be patient and look around.
Comment from : lac92576

Zx the legend
What dollar stores earn money not because of the price but for the amount wow
Comment from : Zx the legend

Madi 2019
Bullshit I've seen dollar tree right across the street from a Walmart or a Target.
Comment from : Madi 2019

She keeps getting them confused and it is irritating.
Comment from : 2011theones

Rusty Schimelpfening
I live near Hot Springs AR. We have 2 $ general within 3 miles of each other. In fact the only business between the 2 is the other $ general
Comment from : Rusty Schimelpfening

Kolila Gephart
So Wal-Mart makes this video to trash Dollar because they are out wal-marting Wal-Mart.
Comment from : Kolila Gephart

Laura Gadille
Love Dollar Tree
Comment from : Laura Gadille

Dan Bracy
There is 10 dollar generals in my small Ohio town
Comment from : Dan Bracy

Nathan Byrum
Dollar General is not cheaper, especially on food items. On many items they charge a higher price for either the same or lower quantities.
Comment from : Nathan Byrum

Shay blackman
Their book selection is unbeatable!
Comment from : Shay blackman

Jay Green
I don't even bother going to those places And I live pay check to pay check I'd rather wait until I have the money to get a good item
Comment from : Jay Green

Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Dollar general isn't a dollar. Garbage
Comment from : Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin

perry white
They put a dollar General Store 1/4 of a block away from my house. They have everything I need when I run out of something and need it quickly. I can walk there in less than a minute. Their prices however, are not much different than any other stores as far as I can see.
Comment from : perry white

My favorite store cuz it’s helps the poor people to get food
Comment from : PinkTipYT

Bold Venture
Single 1/4 individually wrapped frozen chicken breast, $1 at Dollar General. That comes to $4 a pound for frozen chicken breast. At Safeway fresh chicken breast is $2 a pound. Get twice as much for your money at Safeway, less packaging and it’s not frozen.
Comment from : Bold Venture

Adal Martinez
I love collar tree specially when they bring family size cereal from past Halloween or especial editions that would be 3 to 4 dollars for just a dollar those are the Times i buy about 6 to 10
Comment from : Adal Martinez

André Gustavo Bottan
How rural areas can become food deserts.
We're doing something wrong.

Comment from : André Gustavo Bottan

Observant One
So call Dolllar stores are replacing Mom and Pop stores of the recent past.
Comment from : Observant One

Observant One
I go there to buy candy before going to the movies
Comment from : Observant One

Leslie Leathem
Getting so tired of this FaceBook ad
Comment from : Leslie Leathem

Dan Kasper
Where the hell can you get a power strip, a lava lamp, or “electronics” at a dollar store?
Comment from : Dan Kasper

Cincinnati Funk
First of all... the crap they sell at "dollar stores" ... is not food. In fact its killing you... so stop eating it. You're in the "diabeetus" line... you need to be in the "blood prussur" line.
Comment from : Cincinnati Funk

J. Steven
The one place where you can get a guaranteed cheap price and robbed
Comment from : J. Steven

Patrick Durham
Commented earlier before I watched the entire video.
Had to comment again when I heard the absurd statement asserting that dollar stores kill local grocers.
To blame one business' failure on another's success is ludicrous. Failure is a lonely place occupied by the loser and that's life. I've lost two companies due to my inability to compete with franchised competition but shrugged it off and went elsewhere to ply my trade.
I'm a plumber and it is a cutthroat business.

Comment from : Patrick Durham

Patrick Durham
I shop at Dollar Tree and Dollar General regularly but always check Wal-Mart and Target prices first.
Comment from : Patrick Durham

Fusion 51
Our DT is right across the street from Wal-Mart and there is always a line. There are Big Lots and Dollar General in the same plaza with them but they are the busiest.
Comment from : Fusion 51

Will Diehl
Whoever decided to make this video really thinks people of low economic status are stupid and easily manipulated. How many grocery stores went under because of a dollar tree? Give me a break.
Comment from : Will Diehl

Buffy Vachon
Love Dollar General. Quit bashing the Dollar stores, they fill a need. 👍
Comment from : Buffy Vachon

ora et labora
In other words their selling shit products to low income people, nutrition not fit for a dog or rat.
Comment from : ora et labora

Jacob Lynch
my problem with this video is Dollar General has never been a everything only dollar store dollar tree has but not Dollar General Dollar General is just the name they sell all kinds of other items just like any other store at roughly the same prices
Comment from : Jacob Lynch

Angela Zhao
Never buy food from the dollar store unless it’s a famous brand name. Like Welch’s fruit snacks or Jiff peanut butter. I ate a brownie made by a company I’ve never heard of from the dollar store and I threw up
Comment from : Angela Zhao

Entertaining with E Bernard Smith
Sometimes you only have a "dollar store" work of money. IJS

It's clearly a better deal to grab the 18 foot roll of foil for $2.50 BUT I only need about 15 inches TONIGHT plus I need gas and a few quick snacks for the kids but only have $10... So you gotta do what you gotta do.

However... I will say that plenty of times I hit Aldi, Joe V's or HEB (they have a lot of "buy this get that for free" deals). I spent $9 the other day and walked out with for bags full of stuff.

Comment from : Entertaining with E Bernard Smith

John Simun
Another secret is Aldi and Trader Jo, is a family owned business.
Comment from : John Simun

J Void Huey
What grocery store chain paid for this? Yeah your foil thing, I don't need a shit load of foil. I just need a bit. A lot of stuff at the Dollar Tree I can get cheaper for what I need. Grocery stores overcharge for a lot of the same shit.
Comment from : J Void Huey

John Black
I like dollar tree but I live in an affluent area that have many other shopping options...thank you for exposing the truth about how dollar general and dollar tree have a negative impact in poorer communities
Comment from : John Black

Perry Reasch
that is not all true ?? i like the dollar store for some things
Comment from : Perry Reasch

The one in my area closed done, the two Mexican markets out performed them!🤫😂🤫😂🤫😂🤫😂🤫
Comment from : TRONA BORON

Julius McDow
Come on Dollar General Market!!! I've NEVER seen one of those before! Lol
Comment from : Julius McDow

R.M. M
The whole whopping 5 jobs they offer in my town now that they’re here...and they have had a huge turn over for employees lol...it’s been open for maybe a year and they’ve hired and fired over 2 dozen people
Comment from : R.M. M

R.M. M
They just built a dollar general in my small town...they need to just pack it up and get the hell out. They’re criminals and they hire criminals. The store manager in elm creek Nebraska is a thief and so is her deputy husband. Don’t go there! Save ur money for the local market! Give back to ur neighborhood market and keep ur money in ur community
Comment from : R.M. M

Funny cause they only pay $8.00 an hour to employee..
Comment from : SUPERSS90

dobie gal
These stores save me from
Finding a place to park
Not parking into the next county
Walking thru a 10 thousand square foot store
Not dealing with long lines
Dealing with entitled college aged employees who are horrendously rude.

Yep. Give me dollar stores 75% of the time.

Comment from : dobie gal

Gary Newcomb
Family dollar and dollar general are not cheap!!! We have seen food in there higher priced than Walmart and Kroger!!! Even shampoo, hair dye & a bunch of other stuff are higher than big chain stores!!! The only one you get everything for a dollar is Dollar Tree!!! That store is always packed & the other two are mostly empty of customers!!! Get all your facts before posting anything else!!!
Comment from : Gary Newcomb

Ken Lynn
The ending opinion was NOT needed. Just the facts please. We can make up our own mind. Don't tell us what to think.
Comment from : Ken Lynn

Dollar tree is the only one selling for only $1. Dollar general and family dollar are not. The last two isn’t cheaper then others even if they are exact same size it’s usually costs more. Everyone knows that those store purchases are cheaply made. I usually buy snacks and a few other items.
Comment from : Wakara101

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