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Asima Haroon
We were just born yesterday. Not a hate comment! XD
Comment from : Asima Haroon

tanya teresa george
I was just about to get evicted and this program saved me GetPaidHome .c o m
Comment from : tanya teresa george

The Happinese
This is Great, Thanks 😃🌹👍.
Comment from : The Happinese

Comment from : Jo

Thank you.

Comment from : VIDAN PAUL

Channayya Ch
If letters are silent then why to use in written English. Hope answer
Comment from : Channayya Ch

as a middle 'murican....comfortable, I disagree with. Komfortabull, very fast is recognized. Komp...fort....abull.
Comment from : Judahbaga

jessahn lewis
So condescending...
Comment from : jessahn lewis

Linikyrmen Dkhar
Comment from : Linikyrmen Dkhar

Tony rayy
Fantastic way of teaching Ena.
Your smile is also nice and attractive.
From which country are you?👌💐

Comment from : Tony rayy

Schmul Krieger
Isn't a jewellery a shop?
Comment from : Schmul Krieger

Dennis's Let's play Thai & English
I use British accent.
Comment from : Dennis's Let's play Thai & English

Jay McConnell
do we pronounce the "R" in comfortable? This lesson would have been great 100 years ago learning to speak for the BBC,but not in English 21st century. Talk like this and they will know you are fake ;)
Comment from : Jay McConnell

nasrudiin cabdullahi mohamed
Thank you Emma,
my fantastic coach.

Comment from : nasrudiin cabdullahi mohamed

Boris VBWilliamson
Only one phrase, You made my day
Comment from : Boris VBWilliamson

Shali71 I
you pronounced almond wrong you do have the l it’s aah l mond
Comment from : Shali71 I

ramkajee chhetri
Comment from : ramkajee chhetri

Adnan Ahmed
I can't learn English. I am trying but can't success😓.
Comment from : Adnan Ahmed

woolly rhino
An Australian teaching people how to pronounce words is a bit rich, abcdefg haych? lol
Comment from : woolly rhino

Aa Aa
I need helping please......
Comment from : Aa Aa

Abraham Silva
Deu vontade de dá um beijo nessa gata.
Comment from : Abraham Silva

LaLo Gomez
The Only Consistent thing in English....Is Its Inconsistency It has No Rules...¡¡And what they call rules they don't respect!!...

Comment from : LaLo Gomez

Swathika Sarojini
I didn't know that" l" was silent in almond... but I pronounce it correctly !!
Comment from : Swathika Sarojini

Oualid CR7
many thank
Comment from : Oualid CR7

alcilene maciel
Teacher you are so great!! Iv watched your class since last two days, it's fantastic how you explain and show the pronunciation. G-d bless you, I'm your learner now I've subscribed you. And I want you know if I write something wrong in my comments please let me know. Thank you.

Comment from : alcilene maciel

I think the way you pronounce these words, especially almond, and walk is common in Britain, but not in America. It has to do with the way British people talk. I have never seen anyone outside UK pronounce almond without the "l". Very helpful however if you live in the UK like me haha
Comment from : Miza_

Thanh Luong
Thank you very much for your help...
Comment from : Thanh Luong

Maroof Hossen
I was pronounced "meme" as for "me-me" 🤣🤣🤣 I think it should change the spelling as "meem" 🙄🙄😆😆 huh...just saying
Comment from : Maroof Hossen

Aa Aa
Im new english teacher....im icant speak well...also my supervise..want to me speak quckly ..im sad....do you crop speak
Comment from : Aa Aa

Maruthi Rahul
This is cool .. I'm high af
Comment from : Maruthi Rahul

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Nice video! I always follow your videos to improve my language skills.
Comment from : Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Irene Perez
Yes i really appreciate and learnedmore, i am filipina, but i really appreciatedour filipuno' Teacher' even not Teacher's ,but have an any Profession ...or they're finished study .we can spaek and good pronounciation...thanks!
Comment from : Irene Perez

aminath azeez
Thank you for my good pronunciation
Comment from : aminath azeez

Mariana Vargas
i thought it was al-mond for 2 years but its a-mond
Comment from : Mariana Vargas

Anyang Thiep
Thanks teacher Emma ❤️❤️❤️😇❣️❤️❤️😇❣️💞 ❣️❣️ 💞💙❤️💙 ❤️❤️😇❣️❤️💙 ❤️💙 ❤️❤️😇❣️💞 ❣️💞 ❣️❣️ 💞❣️ ❣️
Comment from : Anyang Thiep

goutam Jnu
I am a big fan of you,.....😱😱😱😱
Comment from : goutam Jnu

Sameer Noorbasha
Well Explained
Comment from : Sameer Noorbasha

Denis Caixeta
Very good!
Comment from : Denis Caixeta

LEARNING Inner Educational Association of Assam
So cute your delivering style!ংthanksa lot .its so usefull to all of us Be continue..I have subscribed your channel..Could you pl to give the sounds of English alphabets..A to Z ?
Comment from : LEARNING Inner Educational Association of Assam

jyotirmoy banerjee
Thanks for this video. But I've a question. I observed that quite a few times you pronounced the letter H as Heich where so many people pronounce H as Eich.. so technically which one is correct? Or is Heich a dialect?
Comment from : jyotirmoy banerjee

Gabryel Meira
Thta's a awsome video! I Love it !
Comment from : Gabryel Meira

Daniel Ao
Got u subscribed...
Comment from : Daniel Ao

Il love the way you pronounce "almond" ☺
Comment from : olissime01

Ohhh, for me, it’s hard to pronounce “ comfortable,” “ clothes” and “ jewellery”... thanks for sharing.;)
Comment from : scy21achan

CHrist! Do people need to be explained how 'ch' is often pronounced as a hard 'k?'
Comment from : pop5678eye

The only thing 'superior' about the English language is the military force that was used throughout history to make millions of people in colonies learn it.
Comment from : pop5678eye

If it's a letter not pronounced then it's a useless letter. This should be called 'pronounced words misspellt!'
Comment from : pop5678eye

Charlie Mcgee
I usually just say the l in almond as a British person .
Comment from : Charlie Mcgee

Andrea Nicole Rebibis
Oh, I pronounced all the words correctly.🥳 All thanks to my teacher who recruited me for radio broadcasting and trained me well in speaking🥺🧡
Comment from : Andrea Nicole Rebibis

Singh Singh
You are an amazing trainer, adorable guidance mam.
Comment from : Singh Singh

Ahmed Musa
Great work thanks dear sister
Comment from : Ahmed Musa

Porl Inch
Please pronounce drawing in british english .
Comment from : Porl Inch

pempem rinrin
Thank you ❤️teacher!A new subscriber here 😁! I learnt a lot!
Comment from : pempem rinrin

Sohel khan
fuck,,,,,i never trust it.i think u wrong
Comment from : Sohel khan

So, basically most of the words listed have the schwa sound in them. It never fails to screw us!!
Comment from : Franis

Sabhan Adam
How amazing is this teacher ❤️🌹
Comment from : Sabhan Adam

Sabhan Adam
How can prounauns this antidisestablishmentarianism😂
Comment from : Sabhan Adam

аянка милашка
Comment from : аянка милашка

Viral news alert
Hi Emma,  Your eyes are like stars,  your lips are like roses, your teeth are like diamond and your face is like the moon.  You spread flowers when you smile.  Your gestures are astounding.
Comment from : Viral news alert

Viral news alert
Hi Emma, I like your presentation.  You are very sweet.  You talk pleasantly.  I want to be your friend.
Comment from : Viral news alert

Jordon Reid
Who pronounces talk t-a-l-k
Comment from : Jordon Reid

Nikki With The Blog
I never heard anyone say “a-mond” instead of al-mond. Now salmon, I know it's "“sammon” but I still say “sal-mon”.
Comment from : Nikki With The Blog

learn Aman ullah Mohammd
Notinterted so world stop son
Comment from : learn Aman ullah Mohammd

N Kumar
Very nice !
Comment from : N Kumar

Marcia Cox
Hi Emma The pronouncing of “out” and ouch sounds the same????
Comment from : Marcia Cox

Arepalli Saidulu
Fantastic and fabulous lessons.
Thanks a lot...SAIDULU, India

Comment from : Arepalli Saidulu

Ira Bhardwaj
Omg 😱First time I found a great teacher who is teaching in best way.. Thank you so much mam. Love from india
Comment from : Ira Bhardwaj

Jacqueline Villa
Thanks you so much, wait, because with you I am learning
Comment from : Jacqueline Villa

Hamid Kamal
So beautiful Emma really I like you and really iloveyou ilyou ilyou ilyou ilyou ilyou I am Pakistani
Comment from : Hamid Kamal

Rodrigo Pimenta
My God, you are so gorgeous!!
Comment from : Rodrigo Pimenta

Fecay Duncan
Clothes is impossible.
Comment from : Fecay Duncan

I really love the way ur pronouncing, all words are clear

Bob Saget
How about "caulk" my dear?
Comment from : Bob Saget

Sachin Raj
Amazing tutorials all indians would like it
Comment from : Sachin Raj

Arwah Sapi
My bigest obstacle in English is speling
Comment from : Arwah Sapi

mayder 40
There's nothing wrong with ve ge te bles or com fort able. spoken deliberately and carefully just as clothes with th.  However, when spoken at a brisk pace, one naturally omits.  No one I know pronounces the th in clothes when speaking at normal speed. You can see educational films on nutrition from the 20th cent and the speakers says "Ve ge ta bles."  BBC period dramas have actors that say com fort a ble.
Comment from : mayder 40

Melisa Çelik
Enthusiastic is my favourite word🎉
Comment from : Melisa Çelik

Melisa Çelik
So beautiful.You're perfect.Thanks👌
Comment from : Melisa Çelik

Henry Gomez
Yes, I enjoyed your video. Thank you Emma.
Comment from : Henry Gomez

tarik algehani
You are the most beautiful teacher ,l had ever seen
Comment from : tarik algehani

Rumah Kucing
Are you want merry me? Hha
Comment from : Rumah Kucing

Paulo Vinicius
It's lovely to hear your voice the way you speak slowly right
Comment from : Paulo Vinicius

Love is life RS
Ty teacher 😘 my God my god lead you
Comment from : Love is life RS

Harun Yayli
Comment from : Harun Yayli

akhrar khudayberdiev
Your lessons are very necessery and you are very beautiful!!!!
Comment from : akhrar khudayberdiev

akhrar khudayberdiev
Good morning Emma !!!
Comment from : akhrar khudayberdiev

Emon Ahmed Shuvo
Comment from : Emon Ahmed Shuvo

Lina Lou
Fantastic videos thank you a lot!You spell the words really slow and help us. Sweet and straight to the point!
Comment from : Lina Lou

lynda morgan
Be careful- this person is not an English/British person so her pronunciation is not correct for the first three words if you want to speak English English. It is vegetable with the e and comfortable is com/fort/able and almond definitely has the ‘l’ sounded. When you speak these words in the ways she is telling you it is known as lazy speech. I am guessing she is Australian? The rest seems OK.
Comment from : lynda morgan

hemanth Kumar
Almost all words i am speaking wrongly 🙄🤭😚
Comment from : hemanth Kumar

Obsinan Obsii man
I like your tutorial and I'm your student through this YouTube channel.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Obsinan Obsii man

Scott Andrew Hutchins
I would have composition students who would write "and etc." Instant etymology lesson.
Comment from : Scott Andrew Hutchins

Scott Andrew Hutchins
I had a teacher named Salmon for 8th grade physics. He had to tell everyone it's pronounced how it looks and not like the fish.
Comment from : Scott Andrew Hutchins

Scott Andrew Hutchins
I'm a native English speaker, and I've always pronounced the l in almond: all-mənd.
Comment from : Scott Andrew Hutchins

Mario Sánchez Tec
Very useful!
Comment from : Mario Sánchez Tec

Gerardo M.
Very good suggestions, and very nice your voice, thanks.
Comment from : Gerardo M.

Abozar Khan
you are a beautiful teacher
Comment from : Abozar Khan

Caren Ogalo
A verb is a doing word where as anoun is a name of a place.
Comment from : Caren Ogalo

Caren Ogalo
That is lazy pronunciation
Comment from : Caren Ogalo

Ragina Phalange
Love from India 🇮🇳 got addicted to your videos, subscribed too. U r astonishing speaker & teacher as well.
Comment from : Ragina Phalange

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