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Liepa Piliponyte
Did she said 02:04 kobe😳
Comment from : Liepa Piliponyte

Tex Giddings
Kobe’s dead
Comment from : Tex Giddings

Marydeht Espacio
R.I.P Kobe:(
Comment from : Marydeht Espacio

mike hawk
2020 anyone
Comment from : mike hawk

ᴊᴏʀᴅᴀᴡɴ's ᴡᴏʀʟᴅᴅ
Hey Liza I’m a big fan
Comment from : ᴊᴏʀᴅᴀᴡɴ's ᴡᴏʀʟᴅᴅ

Ashleigh V
When she kicked it and said kobe that hit different.
Comment from : Ashleigh V

Ximena Vazquez
Comment from : Ximena Vazquez

Harry Vlogs
corona virus approved
Comment from : Harry Vlogs

Gordon Holl
She said Kobe my heart just broke
Comment from : Gordon Holl

Piper Freeman
I miss the old Wednesday’s with Liza ;-;
Comment from : Piper Freeman

Brooke Lol
This vid was annoying 😟
Comment from : Brooke Lol

Maudie Henley
When she said kobe🤕
Comment from : Maudie Henley

Why does she keep wrecking stuff other people gonna buy?
Comment from : Nesrin

Comment from : TM_Sckmick

Samantha Argentina
When she brought up China all I could think about was Coronav
Comment from : Samantha Argentina

Alice Damian
When she yelled Kobe i-
Comment from : Alice Damian

Luke Blunden
she just said from china (CORONA VIRUS)
Comment from : Luke Blunden

Rusty Boi
I wonder what the people watching the security cameras are thinking
Comment from : Rusty Boi

the fact i didn’t get these jokes when i first watched the video and now here i am getting them and dying 😂😭
Comment from : trippiehayy

Virginia G.
The Kobe part really hurt
Comment from : Virginia G.

She is so cringy. Tries too hard to be funny
Comment from : Tesla

Roxanne owo
Anyone else watching this in 2020?and when she said Kobe your heart melted 😣😭
Comment from : Roxanne owo

Rip Kobe and gg
Comment from : LONDON LEWIS

Angelica Schuyler Church
“Wow, I didn’t know pot was a dollar, normally the price is higher than that”
I’m still wheezing to 3060

Comment from : Angelica Schuyler Church

Gabriel Zepponi
He dead 2:02
Comment from : Gabriel Zepponi

Taylor Brown
Who else sings the intro lol
Comment from : Taylor Brown

Robot Potato
It has been proved that Liza is inhumanly funny 😂
Comment from : Robot Potato

Jenna Yazzetti
The one time when she buys the more expensive item
Comment from : Jenna Yazzetti

Ryder’s life
It is just looped and then spend up
Comment from : Ryder’s life

flame Rodz
Girl you should stop going to 99 stores I’m going to one store is having
Comment from : flame Rodz

James Cabrey

Nobody at all :

Liza:a DoLlOaR

Comment from : James Cabrey

Oscar E. Ossa Tobon
I bet ur not dumb as f IRL
Comment from : Oscar E. Ossa Tobon

Jon Snow
What I...why does this have 64 million views. She’s great but wow. Shout out to her. First vid I’ve ever seen of hers
Comment from : Jon Snow

Nathaniel Jones
Lol kobe lol
Comment from : Nathaniel Jones

Liva Høeg Gjervig
I am
Comment from : Liva Høeg Gjervig

3:32 I'm bout' to get wet for less... HMMM.. Kids, she meant the water....
Comment from : Juksi

Paty Oliveira
She is so sweet to people around 😍💕💖
Comment from : Paty Oliveira

Breanna Key
damn... i miss these vids
Comment from : Breanna Key

dodo dodo
Can you make funny vids
Comment from : dodo dodo

potatoes friend
When she said that Kobe
Comment from : potatoes friend

I keep seeing the same woman every time she goes in the 99c store hahaha she probs reversing it hahhaha lol!
Comment from : HALEY_GRACE VLOGS

Comment from : XxfamireinXx

Comment from : Negative

Isabella Malizia
Comment from : Isabella Malizia

Savannah and Birds And Adventurers!
A worker at 99 cents store:Hello welcome
her leaving the store to go to target
Target worker:Hello!!
liza going back to 99 cents store
Worker: hello welcome to--
Liza:Hi umm bye now!!UwU
going back to target
Target worker:Hi welcome to targe-
Liza:I have no time for this!!!!>:3
her going BACK to 99 cents store
The worker there:Uhhh.....hi and welcome to-

Comment from : Savannah and Birds And Adventurers!

How Mitch sex jokes has she made ina this video
Comment from : Royalz1_lol

Dakoda Ratcliff
2020 anyone...✌🏼😔... I miss her
Comment from : Dakoda Ratcliff

Izabella Medina
Bella unkorn 503812
Comment from : Izabella Medina

Addy Grace Bond
You are the best
Comment from : Addy Grace Bond

Jessica Sl
I love this video😊
Comment from : Jessica Sl

Noel Pina
Comment from : Noel Pina

She said Kobe. Rip Kobe and Gigi .
Comment from : Maisie SPENCER

Mia Phillips
Holy sh*t how did this get all those likes and views for her literally shopping at the dollar store. Oh yeah because she’s hilarious.
Comment from : Mia Phillips

Ariana Welsh
R.i.p kobe❤
Comment from : Ariana Welsh

Kevin Brownlee
i am seeing this in 2020
Comment from : Kevin Brownlee

Sodalin Meng
Liza never be with David watch this #Welcometomycrib by Alex Ernst
Comment from : Sodalin Meng

Luca Tristan
2:34 she did drugs
Comment from : Luca Tristan

Erikah Ramos
She be go’ in back and forth!!
Comment from : Erikah Ramos

Erikah Ramos
Comment from : Erikah Ramos

Erikah Ramos
She so funny 😆!,
Comment from : Erikah Ramos

am i the only one who saw the thumbnail the wrong way omg
Comment from : hespera

Mbalenhle Mgidi
This is how many people watching this in 2020 and actually cried when she kicked the ball and said 'Kobe' 😭😭😭😭😭 OMG I still can't believe it
Comment from : Mbalenhle Mgidi

Ashley Lu
“Kobe” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😉rip Kobe and Gigi 😭😭😭😢
Comment from : Ashley Lu

Dani Barrett
Comment from : Dani Barrett

Attempts to Sk8
The dollar store now has the corina virus 🤣🤣
Comment from : Attempts to Sk8

То чувство когда ты единственный русский
Comment from : Karo_Milk

Lanson Siazon
Hmmmm “ its like a chinese factory “ how much corona diseases were in there.
Comment from : Lanson Siazon

Emma Correa
I'm pretty sure the person who buys the most things there started the Corona virus
Comment from : Emma Correa

Kobe died :-|
Comment from : 늑대겨울

MysT Bacon8r
Everyone in 2020 when she said Kobe, R.I.P
Comment from : MysT Bacon8r

Chelsea Kamm
I was so sad but then I saw this and I laughed so hard
Comment from : Chelsea Kamm

Mekennah Nelson
Literally watched this in 2020 and she said love made me cry 😢
Comment from : Mekennah Nelson

Lizza:A COLLAR FOR 6.99. Me:but it said 5.99
Comment from : saraSALA01

Kayla Patterson
When she says ‘Kobe’ 😭🥺❤️❤️
Comment from : Kayla Patterson

Colby chalmersシ

Yes liza 😂

Comment from : Colby chalmersシ

Celina Tellekamp
4:04 im so sorry for exposing u rn but u did not i mean the same women is walking there and the same car is parking...
Comment from : Celina Tellekamp

dodo dodo
Ilove her when she was driveing
Comment from : dodo dodo

Anaya DARYANANI [10R07M]
I miss Liza

Like if you do too <3

Comment from : Anaya DARYANANI [10R07M]

Utsavi Saxena
Why has the intro music changed ??
Comment from : Utsavi Saxena

Heck to the no I’m going to the dollar store 3:01
Comment from : Vlogging101

Pearl Holmes
Everyone: omg she said Kobe

Me: looking for a comment 3 years ago

Comment from : Pearl Holmes

Dali Maltese Futboltigre
The people at the dollar store: .-.
Comment from : Dali Maltese Futboltigre

Yvonne Hernandez
Rip Kobe (anyone watching in 2020)
Comment from : Yvonne Hernandez

Makenzie Biller
Wow. When she said whiever made raisins and croutons, they made it okay to eat old food. Lmao. LEARB YOUR FACTS PEEPS
Comment from : Makenzie Biller

Lexi Simmons
Heh at 1:53 she said balls my balls little balls I think
Comment from : Lexi Simmons

Sam Benoit
If I saw someone acting like this in public I’d become disappointed in humanity, I just don’t find it comedic what so ever
Comment from : Sam Benoit

Lexi Simmons
Comment from : Lexi Simmons

she said peyton manning when she held a basketball but peyton manning is a Football player
Comment from : Paradox

This young lady is so talented she can cram more jokes in a 5 minute clip then some Youtubers have on their entire channel.
Comment from : countys32

Jazz :]
2020 anyone ?
Comment from : Jazz :]

Esme Bristol
cornoavirus has entered the chat
Comment from : Esme Bristol

Anthony Clark
2020 anyone it’s corona time
Comment from : Anthony Clark

Taylor Waters

( rip Kobe 💔💔 )

Comment from : Taylor Waters

Marisol Mendez
omg 2:03 when she said "Kobe''sad
Comment from : Marisol Mendez

EllaGrace Vann
She says wait there's bloopers, as if the whole thing isn't full of bloopers!
Comment from : EllaGrace Vann

letiii Rod
When she says Kobe but RIP kobe
Comment from : letiii Rod

Jick Niblet
This sucks, it's just some idiot shopping.
Comment from : Jick Niblet

Elaina Tabbert
You have no idea how many times I have watched this
Comment from : Elaina Tabbert

Well dollar store is a dangerous place cause their shipments are from China 2020 if you understand
Comment from : Trevi

RIP kobe and gianna Bryant 2:03 (Tʖ̯T) 😭😭😭😭😰😥😰😪

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